In my Family and Consumer Science 101 class we learned on the first day the definition of a family. Our textbook described it as, “the basic unit of which two or more people are sharing emotional, social, physical, and economical resources”. Although that might be the textbook definition, I believe it is sooo much more than that. Your family members are the people that love you, support you, spend the most time with you, and see you at your absolute worst. Family goes with your through thick and thin, and through all the ups and downs. These are the people that will always be there for you no matter what, even if you really mess up, and how awesome is that?! You share a special bond and love with your family members that no one else quite gets other than you guys, and to me I think that’s pretty special!

Family doesn’t necessarily have to be by blood or relation either. It could be your work, school, club organization, ect. family, the thing that’s important is that you all care for one another and have a common bond. In my life, I’m fortunate enough to have two families. I have my biological family and I have my sorority sisters. (As cheesy as that might be.. it’s true!)  My families are my biggest influences and top priorities to me. I consider all of my family members my best friends and truthfully, I have no idea where I would be without them. They are my all and everything and I look up to each and everyone of them in so many ways.

I think a lot of people, especially my age, don’t genuinely appreciate their families, and this makes me grateful for the relationship I have with my own. People so easily overlook their loved ones for different reason and kinda just forget about them. As your family these people want to cheer you on and help you accomplish your goals! So, why is it that some people don’t make more of a point to include their family in on their lives?

Your families are always there to support and help you, so utilize them in the best way possible! Use them as a resource for help and guidance when you need it, or offer your help to someone else who needs it. When we appreciate our families and make sure they are a big part in our lives I think we become better versions of ourselves. They shape you in so many ways so how could you not change?! I can say for sure that being with my brother at the same college has been the greatest thing ever! We didn’t even intenchaly pick the same college on purpose, but man am I glad we did. Without having him here I think I would be a total wreck! Okay, not really but I defiantly would be at least somewhat lost! 😉

Learning to love and appreciate your families is so important and a big changer on how you live and prioritize your life. If ya haven’t done it in a while I suggest ya pick up the phone and call ya mama! 🙂 Call her to just say hi, I do this to my mom all the time even though we live in the same town!! It will make her day I promise!

Family is everything!




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