Not Doing it All


“It’s okay to not do it all” is quickly become a new motto of mine. I wish I could do it all but in reality I can’t and no one can. In order for everyone to do it all there would need to be more hours in the day, and that just isn’t the case. We need to find a happy medium and with balance in our lives. There needs to be equal parts work to play. When we overwork ourselves it leaves no time for play, and well that is just darn right no fun!;)

With finding balance there needs to be commitment. We need to be committed to ourselves to not over do it and sign up for too many things at once. Everyone needs some R & R time to recoup and rejuvenate. When we sign up for too many things at once we easily become over whelmed and over stressed leading to an unbalanced life, and that is no bueno my friends! I have found this out the hard way through personal experiences multiple times. Even though it took me a while to figure out, I think I finally got the hang of it! 😉

We need to know it’s okay and that we aren’t failures if we can’t do it all. It is alright to tell people “no” for your own sanity. I personally have a hard time telling people “no” becasue I genuinely want to help and care for everyone! As much as I wish I could, I just can’t say “yes” to everything and everyone. Now, I try to only commit myself and say “yes” to the things that are most important to me and make them my top priority.

I think people like the idea of being crazy involved more than they actually like being involved. It all sounds fun at the begging when you sign up to be in three+ clubs, committees, organizations, ect. but is shortly catches up to you. Being involved takes up your time, energy, and attention. It’s better to be full heartedly committed to one or two things rather than multiple at once. So, find your one or two things that you passionately care about and give them your full attention!

It’s okay to not do it all and say “no”. We need to remember our own needs before we spread ourselves too thin. Find the things that make you most happy and commit to them. Find the balance in your life with equal parts work and play.

Have a great day and remember some time for yourself!!





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