Finish What You Start


I’m sure we are all just as guilt as the next person when it come to either forgetting about something, or having something fall through… but together, we all need to change that!

It is sooo important to finish anything you start becasue it shows dedication to others and it holds yourself accountable to your tasks. Whether it be a big or small, long or short term task, you need to hold yourself accountable and finish it. I know it might be quite the journey or process along the way, but, in the end you’ll be better becasue of it!

Lately, I have been having a hard time wanting to follow through on tasks that I once was so excited and driven for. After realizing that I was in a “funk” and not in the best mindset I decided to think about why I even started to begin with. It is so easy to forget the main reason behind anything and everything we do, especially long term tasks or personal goals… but, fear not! We just need to remember why we started. For example I stated college to get a degree, and this is a long term goal of mine becasue it will take a few years to finish. When I get in a “funk”, or bad state of mind, I just need to remind myself that that is why I am here, and that I will eventually complete this goal.

61f82eefaae7abdb89c60c43c397e944There is always light at the end of the tunnel, even if when we think it will never come. Every hour, day, month, or year that you spending working towards your task or goal gets you a little closer to completing it.  And, once you accomplished it you will feel so satisfied and proud of yourself for working so hard on something you once started! You can look back on all that you had to go through and accomplish and feel like a stronger and better person becasue of it.

With each day we change, learn, grow, and experience knew things. Becasue of this we sometimes forget why we even started a task or goal in the first place, but we just need to remember our why. Remembering our “whys” helps us in the long run for completing the things we start. When we hold ourselves accountable to our tasks and goals, and work towards them, we get closer to finishing them. And, once they are completed it will be a great thing to look back on.

Do you have things that are left unfinished? Use today to work towards your goals and task to get one step closer to completing them!!

Have a great day!




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