Go For It!

Have you ever wanted something sooo bad you could just see it and almost feel it?! Have you ever been so excited for something to happen you couldn’t wait?! Now, have you ever let those opportunities slip right through your finger? Yeah, same… Either something goes wrong on our end, or it’s just something we can’t control. Then we tell ourselves, “that’s okay, it’s no big deal. I wasn’t even that excited anyways”. Bump bump bump…WRONG! Obviously if we were that excited about it, it was a big deal to us to begin with!

When we have goals, visions, and dreams that we are so ecstatic and excited about we have to do everything on our power to make sure that they happen! If we are that excited or hopeful for something, then that is reason enough to make sure we accomplish it! There is always more to the story than the eye can see. You never know what you’ll get out of it in the end, and chances are it is 99.99% beneficial to you in some way.


When we do our best to accomplish our goals, visions, and dreams we become the best version of ourselves possible. We learn what we like and don’t like, and what works for us and what doesn’t. We need these opportunities to discover who we are and what we what from this world.

We need to stop using excesses and telling ourselves lies, instead we need to just go for it! If you envision yourself as an Interior Designer, call a local business and set up a job shadow, or take a design class. Don’t tell yourself lies by saying, “no, that’s just a dream, there is no way I could actually do that”. Stop and decide to just go for it and try it out! You never know until you try!

Take risks, try new things, expand your horizon… do all things possible to try and reach all your goals, visions, and dreams! And don’t stop-ever! Even if you think you’ve accomplished them all, you are going to change with time and you’ll create new goals, visions, and dreams! And that my friend is a good thing because it means you are growing and expanding- yay!

Take today to just- go for it! Think of all your own goals, visions, and dreams. What can you do today to get one step closer to accomplishing them?

Read. Set. Go!

Got For It!



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