Don’t Wish Your Time Away

So often we hope for our future and wish to already be there. We wish we already graduated from college and had a real job, we wish we lived in the perfect house with the perfect family, and we wish we could be anywhere in our future lives, but here, right now… This is great and all, but what we are actually doing is wishing our time away.

We have sooo much life to live with our few short years here, so why are we wishing so many of them away? We need to live through every moment in our lives and learn from our susses, mistakes, failures, and achievements. We need to be present in the moment and be grateful for what we do have, not what we wish or hope to have. It’s so easy to forget about the present and what’s going on around us that we kind of just coast through it… We get lost in the imagination of our own minds with our thoughts and dreams. We think about “what if” scenarios and try to picture our future selves with the best in mind. We get so hopeful and excited about it that we wish we were already there living and breathing it. We get it in our minds that it would be better to fast forward a few years and hop right there, bypassing all the “little things” that will eventually get us there.

Instead of wishing our time away we should be grateful and excited for all the time we do have. With this time we can learn more about ourselves and be grateful for it. We can learn what we do and don’t like, what our values and goals are, and what we can accomplish. We can learn and experience new things with other people and form deeper relationships. We can travel the world and explore all the hidden wonders. There are so many things we can do right now the possibilities are endless, but if were to wish this time away we wouldn’t get to experience them.

With that said… what is it about the future that you are so excited about? Do you want to start a new job? create a business? make a podcast? form deeper relationships? What is it that you want from the future that you could start doing or creating right now? If you feel that you lack the time and resources right now stop telling yourself that and create them! If it is that important and valuable to you you will find a way to make time and resources becasue you deserve to be excited and happy about you life right now. You can do anything and everything you set your mind to right here, and right now. If you want a new job, then get a new job! Don’t wait until the future to get it, even if it’s not what you hope to have as an end career you can still get one step closer with a bigger and better job. If that is what it takes for you to be happy and live in the present moment then do it!! There is nothing wrong with that and you deserve and owe it to yourself to be happy!!

Do you live in your head thinking about the future? Are you wishing your time away? Is there anything you could be doing right now to make you happier? Think about it for a moment and do some self reflecting.

Live in the present and do what you need to be happy.

Have a great day!




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