Finding Your Fire

e695b0429581ac35361d22b42260e3e3Finding your passion, aka your fire, can be a life long journey. Some people know what theirs is all their life, and others take their whole being just to find it. Finding your passion is more than just finding a career that’s related to it, it’s also about finding yourself and finding what makes you happy. Once you are genuinely true to yourself and happy, people become attracted to you and want to watch you succeed. They want to watch and cheer you on in setting your fire in flames!

If you are at a point in your life that you aren’t too sure what is your fire that’s okay- just do a little soul searching and digging. And, in order to find your passion, or passions, pay attention to what makes you the happiest in your day-to-day life. If you love spending time with children and enjoy caring for them, then maybe your passion is helping, caring, and advocating for children. Maybe you feel so strongly about this that you see yourself switching career fields down the road, or taking time each week to volunteer with children. Finding your passion(s) and setting it on fire will make you feel alive and free! So, find yours, if you haven’t already done so, and go after it!

If you find yourself passionate about more than one things that is a-okay! Some people get too hung-up on finding only one thing they care about and forget all other things that really matter to them as well. I think that it is an amazing thing to feel passionate about several things because it keeps your fire burning longer and makes your life more exciting! For instance, if I had to, I could not just pick one thing that I feel passionate about. I love caring for people, helping animals, advocating a healthy lifestyle, and more! Having all of these things that I feel so strongly about make me, me and bring me so much joy to my life! Everyday I get to do something I love in some form or another and it fills my heart with so much joy and fulfillment!

So, if you haven’t, I encourage you to find you passion and set it on fire! *insert flame emoji here lol* c3a7f3e9b36e3158f599b18b6b3dc616

Do you know what your passion(s) is? How do you set it on fire in your day-to-day life?

As always, have a great day (and do something to set your passion on fire ;)) !!



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