Outfits from June

Yayy for my first fashion post! If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook then you might already know that I am a stylist at Primp! I am so, so, so grateful for my job! I love it with all my heart and I love all my co-workers even more! I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without it now!

Fashion is one thing I am so passionate about. I think it is so great how people can show the world who they are through what they wear. People can express their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and style all with what they wear- how cool is that?! To me, it’s such a great thing when you can combine one of your passions with you job. Everyday I get so excited to go to work and am so happy while I am there. I love getting to help people pick out outfits to show the world who they are. And one thing I loooove almost more is that I can express myself in my outfits while I am there!

To document my outfits, and advertise Primp on my social media profiles, I almost always take a picture of my outfit and then post it on social media. I think it is such a great way to express myself even more and draw people into the store.

To recap the month of June in a few of my favorite outfits I wanted to share them with all of you here! By the way, holy cow! How is June already almost over?!

Have fun scrolling through and hopefully you will get inspired to express yourself through your outfits, too! Also, come into Primp to say hi or book a styling appointment where you can get 10% off- how great! 🙂

Have a great day!



LOVING this top, it is defiantly a staple for my Summer wardrobe! It just makes me so happy 🙂


This tank is so great because it is so simple yet sophisticated! It can be dressed up or down- I’ve worn is SO many ways!


Love the print and colors in this dress!


This is such a great dress becasue it can be worn for so many different occasions!


I have been obsessed with the color blush lately! I love how it is so feminine and sweet 🙂 This is by far my most favorite outfit from the past few weeks! I love the color combo because it is so fresh and clean!


This dress makes me feel like I should be in Santorini, Greece- ha!


This tulle skirt gives off a ballerina vibe but the shoes and the top give it an edgier vibe! So fun!


Self Love.


Self love.

The thing that could change the world.

When you hear the phrase “self love” what comes to mind? Do you think of the word selfish? Do you picture yourself standing in front of a mirror saying, “I love you“? Or, do you think nothing of it at all because it’s just another “motto”?

Self love- it’s more important than we think, and it’s such a shame not all of us are practicing it.

To start with, having self love does not make you selfish. In fact, having self love makes you anything BUT selfish- it makes you selfless.

Having self love means you only do things that will bring out the best in you. You have respect, dignity, pride, integrity, honesty, and optimism. You do things to make you happier and healthier. You surround yourself with positive vibes and good energy. You enjoy the company of up beat and cheery people. You make a conscious effort to only speak kindly to yourself and think positive thoughts. You are always finding ways to grow, learn, and experience new things. But most importantly, you love yourself for who you are. 

You love yourself so so so much that it radiates out of you. Other people see your glow and want what ever it is that is doing this to you. Oh, what little do they know. You understand you are the only person on this planet that can make you genuinely happy 100% of the time. You have found a home from within you because, “you are so strong and so capable of so many things”, and knowing this is comforting enough to understand you can do anything.

When you love yourself so deeply you don’t let negativity effect you, in fact you hardly let it around you. When you have this self love you are actually helping others because when you hear other people talk badly about themselves you stop them dead in their tracks. BOOM. You cut them off and tell them they ARE good enough, they ARE pretty enough, they have what it takes, and most importantly, you tell them and show them they are loved.

By doing this you are showing, and teaching, others the right way to live. You are showing them what self love is by just being who you are, and you are teaching them by helping them love who they are. We all need to help the world become a better place and fill it with more love! A world that has more people full heartedly loving themselves will shine.

Love yourself and have self love.

Take today to practice it if you don’t already because you are about the change the world!


And just some though provoking questions for us to think about, that I really don’t know the answer to: when did it become a taboo thing to love yourself? And why to people make it seam as if it bad? It’s necessary to have self love becasue how could you ever aspect to love someone else if you can’t even love yourself first?

Have a great day!



No Competition


Life is not a competition and there is no finish line for this journey. We are all going at our own pace with different destinations in mind. We will all get to where we need to go but at our own speed. We all have different paths with unique bends and turns in the road. Some are longer, others shorter, some rigged, others smooth, and some can get cut shorter than intended, but, the one thing we all have in common is that we can help each other along the way.

Life is not a competition and we have no competitors. We are all on the same level and on the same team- no one is better than one another (even if someone thinks they are, they aren’t). Since we are all on the same team, we need to lift each other up and help each other reach our fullest potential. We need to experience, love, inspire, collaborate, and celebrate all in one lifetime.

When we have each other to count on it makes our lives more meaningful and rich. We need to be genuinely happy for one another with each success, and be there as a helping hand for each failure. When we do this we get to experience more emotions with each other that connect us on a deeper level. And that’s what life is all about right- creating meaningful relationships and memories with the ones you care about the most?

When you start to realize that life isn’t a competition you begin to find joy in watching others shine and succeed! You get to become so proud of your friends and family and all that they have accomplished. You even encourage them to let their light shine through! You stop being so hard on yourself and comparing yourself to others- which relieves a world of stress and tension off of your shoulders, and because of this you start to feel lighter and fresher. You begin to see the world as a beautiful place where everyone is all connected on some level. You start to appreciate the small things and see the bigger picture. All of this, and more, just becasue you came to the realization that life is not a competition.

Go through your own world at your own speed with no rush. Take your time and enjoy the journey- you aren’t in a race. Encourage others to do the same and help them reach their fullest potential.

There is no competition and you have no competitors.

Celebrate others successes and be there for their failures.

Be present.

Have you been acting in a way as if life was a competition? If so, how will you take today to change it?

As always, have a great day!


Speak It


Wowza! Can we just take a second to acknowledge how real and genuine this quote is?! My manger put a picture of this up in our store the other day and when I saw it, it made me take a step back. It struck home so hard because of how true and real it is. It’s  one of those quotes that really makes you think and reflect on how you are living your life. You start to ask yourself: have I been doing this? have others been doing this to me? how much more genuine could I be living my life if I acted on this? Thinking about it made me want to go out in the day and tell everyone how great of a person they are, becasue in my opinion, everyone is great and has beautiful qualities! So, if you haven’t heard this in awhile, YOU are an amazing person and are living a beautiful life!! Keep doing you and never stop!

Now, If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it! Tell them, show them and let them know! When we let others know what we think of them (positive things only please 🙂 ) it allows us to form deeper connections and more genuine relationships. People also enjoy hearing these nice things because it reminds them that they are a great person and that they are doing things right. And please, a little complement never hurt no one- haha 😉

When you tell someone their beautiful qualities it opens you up and makes you become more “raw”. People don’t typically enjoy talking about things like this to others, or even worse, talking about emotions, but do it! Open yourself up and allow your thoughts and emotions to flow. (Almost) everyone is scared about what others will think, or how they will react when they do something like this, but you know what? Just go for it! The only person that is going to think and overthink about it that much is you! Don’t hold yourself back, just tell others their beautiful qualities and you’ll be amazed at how excited they are to hear something so kind!

Telling someone their beautiful qualities doesn’t necessarily have to be external features, it could be how compassionate they are towards others, or how quick-witted and funny they are. Anything that makes up a person, or makes then uniques, makes them beautiful- so keep that in mind 🙂 And once you start you kinda can’t stop. It’s like a little game you can play with yourself. Find beautiful qualities in everyone and everything! Even in people you think have none, find one and let them know. Chances are they are the ones that need to hear it the most. They might need to be reminded just how beautiful of a person they are to get them centered back to who they truly are.

Challenge yourself today and tell others their beautiful qualities and don’t be shy! Watch their face light up as you tell them and how much lighter they’ll carry themselves throughout the rest of the day. You have the power to make anyone happy just with your kind words.

So, if you see it, speak it!

Have a fantastic day all you beautiful people!



Go With Your Gut


When they say, “trust your gut”, or “go with your intuition” they don’t lie. It’s a real thing and you should follow it too! The gut doesn’t lie when something feels off, or when something feels right, and sometime we chose to ignore those feelings and do what we “think” is right.

Many of us try to follow our thoughts and reasoning when it comes to making decisions. As a result, we chose to ignore how we feel. Emotions today have almost become a taboo topic. No one wants to talk or even think about how they feel, let alone express and/or act on those feelings. And why is this? Some people would rather take a job offer that is more “logical” and know they won’t enjoy as much, than take a job offer at a place they would genuinely  love and enjoy. But, we all do it, we do it because we “think” we are right and know what we want for ourselves- but in reality we do know what we want, we just aren’t listening to ourselves through our emotions.

In the long run you’ll be more happy and satisfied if you do what feels right rather than what you think is right. Life is not always about logic. Sometimes we need to take a step back to go a step forward, and that’s okay. You’d rather do what feels right and be happy, than do what you think is right and be dissatisfied.

I guess what I’m trying to say is listen to you gut, trust your emotions and follow your instinct. Don’t be shy of your emotions. Act on them, think about them, and talk about them. We need to bring this back and stop trying to ignore them! Being logical is a great thing, but sometimes is just not the right thing. Only you and your emotions know what can really make you happy, so listen to them! You do not need to do anything to please anyone other than you. Ignore what common society has to say! If you really want to do something out of the “norm” than do it! If you don’t want to go to a university and would rather go to culinary or art school than do it! If it makes you feel happy it’s the right choice, and I’ll support you all the way 😉 Eventually others will respect and understand your decisions and choices too. They’ll admire you for doing something you love and enjoy- they’ll even start to envy you haha!

Do what you love and love what you do.


Listen to your gut, trust your emotions, and follow your instinct. Do what makes YOU happy.


Logic isn’t everything.


Do you listen to your emotions? do you act on them? or do you ignore them and do what’s logical?

I challenge you to take today and listen to your emotions. Ready, set, go! 🙂

Have a great day!