Speak It


Wowza! Can we just take a second to acknowledge how real and genuine this quote is?! My manger put a picture of this up in our store the other day and when I saw it, it made me take a step back. It struck home so hard because of how true and real it is. It’s  one of those quotes that really makes you think and reflect on how you are living your life. You start to ask yourself: have I been doing this? have others been doing this to me? how much more genuine could I be living my life if I acted on this? Thinking about it made me want to go out in the day and tell everyone how great of a person they are, becasue in my opinion, everyone is great and has beautiful qualities! So, if you haven’t heard this in awhile, YOU are an amazing person and are living a beautiful life!! Keep doing you and never stop!

Now, If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it! Tell them, show them and let them know! When we let others know what we think of them (positive things only please 🙂 ) it allows us to form deeper connections and more genuine relationships. People also enjoy hearing these nice things because it reminds them that they are a great person and that they are doing things right. And please, a little complement never hurt no one- haha 😉

When you tell someone their beautiful qualities it opens you up and makes you become more “raw”. People don’t typically enjoy talking about things like this to others, or even worse, talking about emotions, but do it! Open yourself up and allow your thoughts and emotions to flow. (Almost) everyone is scared about what others will think, or how they will react when they do something like this, but you know what? Just go for it! The only person that is going to think and overthink about it that much is you! Don’t hold yourself back, just tell others their beautiful qualities and you’ll be amazed at how excited they are to hear something so kind!

Telling someone their beautiful qualities doesn’t necessarily have to be external features, it could be how compassionate they are towards others, or how quick-witted and funny they are. Anything that makes up a person, or makes then uniques, makes them beautiful- so keep that in mind 🙂 And once you start you kinda can’t stop. It’s like a little game you can play with yourself. Find beautiful qualities in everyone and everything! Even in people you think have none, find one and let them know. Chances are they are the ones that need to hear it the most. They might need to be reminded just how beautiful of a person they are to get them centered back to who they truly are.

Challenge yourself today and tell others their beautiful qualities and don’t be shy! Watch their face light up as you tell them and how much lighter they’ll carry themselves throughout the rest of the day. You have the power to make anyone happy just with your kind words.

So, if you see it, speak it!

Have a fantastic day all you beautiful people!




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