Self Love.


Self love.

The thing that could change the world.

When you hear the phrase “self love” what comes to mind? Do you think of the word selfish? Do you picture yourself standing in front of a mirror saying, “I love you“? Or, do you think nothing of it at all because it’s just another “motto”?

Self love- it’s more important than we think, and it’s such a shame not all of us are practicing it.

To start with, having self love does not make you selfish. In fact, having self love makes you anything BUT selfish- it makes you selfless.

Having self love means you only do things that will bring out the best in you. You have respect, dignity, pride, integrity, honesty, and optimism. You do things to make you happier and healthier. You surround yourself with positive vibes and good energy. You enjoy the company of up beat and cheery people. You make a conscious effort to only speak kindly to yourself and think positive thoughts. You are always finding ways to grow, learn, and experience new things. But most importantly, you love yourself for who you are. 

You love yourself so so so much that it radiates out of you. Other people see your glow and want what ever it is that is doing this to you. Oh, what little do they know. You understand you are the only person on this planet that can make you genuinely happy 100% of the time. You have found a home from within you because, “you are so strong and so capable of so many things”, and knowing this is comforting enough to understand you can do anything.

When you love yourself so deeply you don’t let negativity effect you, in fact you hardly let it around you. When you have this self love you are actually helping others because when you hear other people talk badly about themselves you stop them dead in their tracks. BOOM. You cut them off and tell them they ARE good enough, they ARE pretty enough, they have what it takes, and most importantly, you tell them and show them they are loved.

By doing this you are showing, and teaching, others the right way to live. You are showing them what self love is by just being who you are, and you are teaching them by helping them love who they are. We all need to help the world become a better place and fill it with more love! A world that has more people full heartedly loving themselves will shine.

Love yourself and have self love.

Take today to practice it if you don’t already because you are about the change the world!


And just some though provoking questions for us to think about, that I really don’t know the answer to: when did it become a taboo thing to love yourself? And why to people make it seam as if it bad? It’s necessary to have self love becasue how could you ever aspect to love someone else if you can’t even love yourself first?

Have a great day!




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