Reach Out, Branch out

Going out of your comfort zone and meeting new people can be a scary thing, but it shouldn't be! Why do so many of us have this fear? We fear walking into a room of people we don't know, we fear introducing ourselves, we fear shaking hands, and sometimes we fear making eye contact! This … Continue reading Reach Out, Branch out


Surrender Your Thoughts

Our own thoughts can be a deadly thing- but only if we let them be. Too easily, we get caught up in our own heads trying to micromanage every little detail. Our minds race a million miles a minute and we just cannot shut them down. We start to become in a state of confusion, … Continue reading Surrender Your Thoughts

Sunshine Blogger Award

Happy FriYAY friend! First off I would just like to say thank you!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to come to my site- it means the absolute world to me! I have a little bit of a different post coming to you today. Over the past few months I … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Finding Your Purpose

We all have a purpose, and each of ours is different. Some of us are confident that we know exactly what ours is, and others go on a mad hunt to find it. If you find yourself thinking, "I know I have a purpose, but I'm not sure what it is", don't fret, you're not … Continue reading Finding Your Purpose

Self Care

It only seems appropriate to talk about self care a few weeks after talking about self love.Β Β πŸ™‚ Self care is exactly what it sounds like, it's about taking care of yourself. It's similar to self love but it's going one step further. You could view it as showing and/or doing something for yourself that you … Continue reading Self Care

Giving it up to the universe

I'm giving my "all" up to the universe and you should too. I had a book recommend to me not too long ago by a dear friend. It's call The Universe Has Your BackΒ by Gabrielle Bernstein- have you heard of it? If not, be prepared to read it and feel inspired to change your life … Continue reading Giving it up to the universe