Reach Out, Branch out


Going out of your comfort zone and meeting new people can be a scary thing, but it shouldn’t be! Why do so many of us have this fear? We fear walking into a room of people we don’t know, we fear introducing ourselves, we fear shaking hands, and sometimes we fear making eye contact! This fear mindset needs to be changed into a faith mindset. These events should be seen as miracles.

We shouldn’t hide from these opportunities, we should own these opportunities.

We should own these opportunities and own them with confidence. Don’t dread walking into class on the first day, going to networking events, or going on blind dates. Instead own them and find joy and excitement in them! Walk in and just be you! Be 110% true to yourself and don’t hide who you are. You are you, and own it! Once you got that figured out, think of each new person as a present and/or miracle. You never know what they have to offer you until you start getting to know them. Once you know them you can unwrap all the possibilities the two of you can offer to each other. This will allow you to find out how you can grow and expand, and how you can change each other’s lives. You never know, they could be the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

Walk into any new experience with faith, and know you are being guided to branch out.

Now, you might be thinking, “Okay, great. But how do I branch out?”, well, let me tell ya. 😉 You need to pop your “bubble”, your bubble of friends that is. It’s natural that we all get into a close group of friends that we really love and care about, but we start to create this “bubble”. We forget that there are other amazing people out there, other than our friends. They can be viewed as the best people in the world, which they are, and we don’t even think twice about it. We spend time with them, text them, live with them, and create a bubble with them. Right now you might be in this bubble effect, and that’s okay, but let’s work on it together! 😉

We need to reach out and branch out.

The first step we need to do it reach out. Reach out to someone new that you think is inspirational/motivational/smart/unique/cool, or, it could be someone you just have a strong calling to. Let them know who you are if they don’t know you, and see where it goes from there. If things go good, then great! If they don’t, at least you tired to reach out to someone new! What matters is that you are going outside of your bubble and trying to connect with new people. When we open up our bubble to other people we allow for more connections to be made. With this we can learn new things, network, broaden our horizons, create new experiences, and develop new opportunities. Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to meeting new people, so get going!

After reaching out, we need to branch out. Don’t define yourself to one bubble. Either open it up to everyone, or eliminate it completely. Become your own person and be friends with everyone, or at least get to know everyone. When you do this the chances are higher for you to get that dream job down the road, land that project funding, or find the house of your dreams. Word travels fast when you have multiple connections, and this greatly benefits you because sometimes it is about who you know, not what you know. So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and branch out to new people. Think of it as a fun new game, like how many new people can you meet in one month. This way it takes a little of the nerves off 🙂

The next time you have a chance to meet someone new approach the opportunity with confidence and faith. See this person for who they are and as a possible life long friend. Burst your bubble and be friends with all!

Do you find yourself in a bubble? Do you get nervous meeting new people? Have you ever scored something big just from you connections?

Take today to try and reach out and branch out. Let me know how it goes, I would love to hear!

As always,

Have a great day!



Surrender Your Thoughts

BD40CB63-77CC-4226-87A8-62034A197A88 (1)Our own thoughts can be a deadly thing- but only if we let them be. Too easily, we get caught up in our own heads trying to micromanage every little detail. Our minds race a million miles a minute and we just cannot shut them down. We start to become in a state of confusion, disorientation, and misguidance. We become wrapped up in the wrong things, and caught up trying to over control and over think.

We need to surrender our thoughts.

We all have our own lives and our own paths already predetermined for us, but when we try to steer off of that path, and create one of our own, we are closing ourselves off from love and guidance. We are showing the universe that we know what is best for ourselves, when actually we don’t. We try to fantasize a reality that isn’t meant to be ours and then get frustrated when we feel we aren’t achieving anything. We need to surrender our thoughts and trust the higher good.

To you, this might be a whole new concept, and that’s okay, let me explain..

We already know how thankful I am for Gabrielle Bernstein from this post here, so it’s only natural that I got inspiration from her again. (Call me a fan girl, I know ;)) In her book, The Universe Has Your Back, she talks about surrendering your thoughts, and gives her experiences too. In the book she outlines steps for surrendering and I wanted to share a few here.

One of the first steps to surrendering is to, take your hands off of the wheel through prayer. Stop trying to control every aspect of your life, and stop thinking about what you think you know. Instead, ask for guidance and have faith in yourself, and the higher good, that you will go where you are needed. Surrender your thoughts through prayer, and open yourself up to love and the universe. Find happiness and joy in living through faith and uncertainty- it truly allows for miracles to happen.

Next, know that, obstacles are detours in the right direction. There are no such things as bad experiences, rather, learning and growing opportunities. Everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn’t seem like it, it’s there. Get in the mindset that it is in new obstacles you find yourself. They will make you stronger, and put you back onto your path. You were made for something and you have a purpose. A few weeks ago I wrote about this even more, you can check out that post here .

Finally, one of the last steps is, turn over your time. Change your mindset about time, change your life. We cannot control when every situation or major event will happen, but we can control how we experience them. Surrender the buzzing and racing thoughts in your head and let go. Live in the moment and be present. Enjoy time with your friends and family, and choose love over fear. Let go of your fear that you should be doing something else, and let go of the guilt when you take time for yourself. Learn to turn off your mind and enjoy your time. Live in your life rather than just exist in it- again, I wrote more about this in a post here.

Take today and try to surrender your thoughts, even if you just do it for a moment. Invite love and faith into your life and feel yourself being guided.

Choose love over fear, and surrender you thoughts.

How can you incorporate this into your life? Do you already practice this own your own? Try it out and let me know how you feel 🙂

As always,

Enjoy your day!


Sunshine Blogger Award

IMG_2033Happy FriYAY friend! First off I would just like to say thank you!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to come to my site- it means the absolute world to me! I have a little bit of a different post coming to you today. Over the past few months I have had so much fun creating this blog and connecting with others. One exciting thing that happened to me recently is I got nominated for the “Sunshine Blogger Award” by Erin from Thank you Erin for the nomination, I am so grateful 🙂 

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given out to bloggers from other bloggers. It goes to people who they think are creative, positive, and inspiring. Once someone is nominated they then write a post where they:img_2279

-Thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to their site

-Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them

-Nominate 11 other bloggers and give them 11 new questions

-Notify the nominees and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on the post 

Here are my 11 questions that Erin asked me! Be sure to check out her darling blog too 🙂 

  1. Why did you start you blog, and what do others get from reading it?-I started my blog to have a creative outlet in my life. I love to write down my thoughts and help awaken others to see their greatest good. I want others to get encouragement and inspiration from reading my post. I want them to know that they are a force for good and love in this world.
  2. If you had to give your personality a color, what would it be and why?-Pink because the color itself is so happy and vibrant, and I feel this resembles me well. It’s also a staple in my wardrobe as well ha 🙂
  3. Do you have pet? Dog or cat person?-Yes, my family has three dogs and one cat, and I am a dog person 🙂 
  4. Fav drink?-My favorite drink at the moment is water with a bit of fresh lemon juice in it.
  5. If you could give one piece of advice to a new blogger, what would it be and why?-Considering I am still relatively new to blogging, I would say keep with it even when you feel discouraged. People can get mean and not understand where you are coming from. When that happens just choose to see them with love and keep doing you. You are the one that wants to do this, so don’t let others bring you down.
  6. What is your fav thing about yourself?-My smilie would have to be my favorite thing about myself. I feel my best when I am surrounded by people I love. I love laughing and smiling because it reminds me how grateful I am to be here today.
  7. If you had to have one last meal what would it be and why?-Veggie fajitas because it so delicious. You can really do no wrong 😉 
  8. Hobbies?-My other hobbies include being an active member of Alpha Chi Omega at Minnesota State University, Working at Primp Mankato, cooking, reading, and working out!
  9. Did anyone help you when you first started blogging?-No, I have had no help! It has been a lot of trial and error and learn as I go. The process has been so fun and rewarding.
  10. What is one of your dreams?-One of my dreams is to help awaken others to see their true selves. I believe that everyone is beautiful and has a force for good. I want everyone to know that they are loved and that they have love.

My nominees are:

My questions for all of you!

  1. What made you want to start your blog?
  2. What do others get from reading your blog?
  3. What is your favorite thing about being a blogger?
  4. What is your favorite place to travel to?
  5. Where are you from?
  6. Do you have any hidden talents?
  7. What is your spirit animal?
  8. Favorite color and why?
  9. What are some of your hobbies?
  10. How long have you been blogging?
  11. Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Have fun!! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading, and as always, have a great day!!


Finding Your Purpose

IMG_0853We all have a purpose, and each of ours is different. Some of us are confident that we know exactly what ours is, and others go on a mad hunt to find it. If you find yourself thinking, “I know I have a purpose, but I’m not sure what it is”, don’t fret, you’re not alone. It can take some of us a whole lifetime to awaken our true meaning, if that’s how we make it.

When we feel lost and confused in our lives it’s easy to not know why we are here. We can get in a state of disorientation and block ourselves from seeing our true potential. And we don’t allow ourselves to open up to the idea of a greater good. We begin to slip through the cracks and fall down the rabbit hole not knowing where we are going… We get misguided and confused until we realize that the direction we are heading is not intended to where we need to go. Then, with the snap of a finger something pulls you back. You get back on your path and you get redirected. Call this fait, or whatever you want, but it happens, and it always happens for a reason.

You were put on this planet for a purpose, no doubt about it, and you will find it.

Sometimes we need to be knocked off of our paths to keep us on our plans. It shows us just how unique we are and that we have to remain true to ourselves. We become more aware and appreciate for what we have and what we will have.

Not only does misguidance stray you from your purpose, but so does looking too hard for it. We start to become consumed in our thoughts and obsessive with our actions. When we go looking for our purpose we can become engulfed in our thoughts and can only think about ourselves. We follow by manipulating our thoughts and feelings by telling ourselves the wrong things are our purpose. After a while fate kicks us back onto our path and pulls us in the right direction again… We no longer are searching for our purpose.

We need to stop searching for our purpose and just live our lives 110% genuine to who we are. We need to live out of thoughts and actions and be just who we want to be, because that is when we will start to live out our purpose.

When we live our lives and live out our passions are purpose comes naturally. It takes us no thought or effort, it just happens. It might even happen without realization until later, when you find yourself at peace. You are in a stare of feeling so happy and fulfilled at all times- bliss.

This is what I want for all of us, to live in a state of bliss. The state of perfect happiness and pure joy.

Find your bliss, find your purpose.

Live your life true to who you are and you purpose will be there, don’t go searching for it, just listen to yourself.

Do you live in a state of bliss? Do you find yourself off of your path? How do you stay true to who you are?

Find your bliss and have a great day!


Self Care

a8282621d4fe30717de5fab28975b7a3It only seems appropriate to talk about self care a few weeks after talking about self love.  🙂 Self care is exactly what it sounds like, it’s about taking care of yourself. It’s similar to self love but it’s going one step further. You could view it as showing and/or doing something for yourself that you love.

Self care is important because it keeps our energy and vibration high. It allows us to feel and do good. It helps keep us grounded and connected to what’s going on around us. But, if we don’t care for ourselves properly than we can’t fully care for others. A perfect example of this is in airplanes. They tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before you help others! It is so important that I’ll say it again, you need to care for yourself before you can care for others. A consequence if you don’t care for yourself is that you’ll be  running on low energy and out of balance, and this is something we want to avoid to be our happiest and healthiest selves!

With that said, self care should be looked at from several different angles such as: mind, body, and spirit. Think of them all as equals intertwined, you can’t have one without the other. If you think one is lacking in your life than I encourage you to try and strengthen it! Below I have an explanation and some examples for each 🙂

Caring for you mind means making sure you are mentally aware and conscious. You do things that make you think, learn, and grow. You could do this by reading a book, watching a documentary, talking to a friend about your thoughts and emotions, or even finding like minded people to talk and be creative with. Anything that sharpens and activates you mind will work wonders! Some great books to read can be found here, and some great documentaries to watch can be found here. Check them out and see if any interest you!

Moving on, caring for your body means treating it in the best way possible. You can do this by making sure you are properly nourished and hydrated. Fill your body with the best food you possibly can and drink your water! Have nourishing and mindful meals daily. Take your mealtimes to decompress and truly be present. Allow yourself to feel gratitude towards your food and everything around you. Put down your phone and be mindful while you eat. After making sure your body is fully charged, make sure to activate and engage it- get your sweat on! Aim for some type of movement every day. It can be little or big, just be sure to move. Some fun ways to get your body moving are going for a long walk or run, participating in yoga, spin, pilates, or playing a family game of baseball. The goal here is just to keep your body in the best condition you can, think of it as a temple and treat it that way too! 🙂

And finally, caring for your spirit. Remember, it is equally as important to care for your spirit as it is caring for you mind and body. I think this is a big one a lot of people miss because we tend to forget about it. Which is kind of a bummer because it allows us to connect with something bigger than ourselves, which can open so many doors. If you aren’t connected spiritually than you can be missing the bigger picture to life. Having this connection allows you to be present, grounded, focused, and you can allow yourself to give your all to the universe, expecting only the best in return. When you are connected spiritually you can grow and transform into the person you have always wanted to be. I think it’s something we can all work on, no matter how comfortable we feel with it. Some great ways to do this are by praying, meditating, having gratitude, reading, learning, and more. There is never too much that you can know, so go for it and learn as much as you can (or as much as you want to ;))! Some great teachers you can learn from are Tony Robbins and Gabby Bernstein . Even if you are totally disinterested in anything along these lines I highly suggest you learn more about it before you turn it down forever 🙂 You never know, you could become the next big guru ha;)

Mind, body, and spirit- they all come together to make us whole. If you aren’t practicing self care take today to start. Make it a goal to get all three in each and every day, even if it’s just in a small way. In order to respect yourself, you must care for and love yourself.

Do you practice proper self care? If so, do you have a weak and/or strong point? how can you improve it?

Take today to truly care for yourself, and have a great day!


Giving it up to the universe


I’m giving my “all” up to the universe and you should too.

I had a book recommend to me not too long ago by a dear friend. It’s call The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein- have you heard of it? If not, be prepared to read it and feel inspired to change your life for the better. Right away I fell in love with the whole meaning of the book and all it has to offer. I read it for the first time in two days and soaked-up all the information like a sponge, needless to say I am kinda obsessed. I have even recommended it to a handful of other people as well. The second I started reading it I texted my friend and said, “you need to read this ASAP!” She agreed, read it, and became obsessed too 😉

I have always been a big fan of self-help/ motivational books, but in my opinion this one is different, and different in a good way! It’s less about self-help and more about self-awakening. The whole message behind this book is about transforming your fears into faith and awakening your purpose. It teaches us how to give up our control and give it all up to the universe. By doing this we can actually relax and live, and when we live like this we know things are getting done and taken care ofIt’s a life about freedom and purpose.

Throughout the book there are many meditations you can practice and mantras you can say. One of my most favorite mantras goes like this, “I witness that I am out of alignment with my power. I choose to see peace instead of this.” This mantra is to be used when you witness that you are getting upset, stresses, worried, sad, or any other emotion that pulls you farther away from your center. I have it saved in my phone to refer back to when needed. There are so many more in this book that I almost have every page dog-eared, ha!

After reading  this book I can truly say it has changed me. I feel inspired to find the best version of myself possible and to find my true purpose. I know I’m not there yet but I don’t have to fret because the universe has my back, and it has yours too.

Do yourself a favor and run to the store to get this book! (or ya know, free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime ;))

Read this book and give your all up to the universe. Live your life and find your purpose!

Have a great day!