Outfits From July

Man oh man, how is July already over?! This Summer has just flown by!! (It goes even faster with Summer classes and working two jobs, but hey, what can I do? ;)) I hope you have been enjoying your days and appreciating the warmer weather! I know I am loving it and wishing it could stay like this year round! Maybe I’ll have to move down south one day to fulfill that dream, ha!

For today’s post I have rounded up a few of my favorite looks from this past month. Getting to work at a boutique is such a fun way to breakout all of my cute clothes that don’t get to see the daylight enough. Below I captured a few of my favorite looks, enjoy!



When in doubt, wear a denim skirt. I love how easy and versatile they are to wear. You can dress them up or down in so many ways. Pair them with your favorite top and a cute pair of shoes, and you’re good to go! If you don’t have one in your closet I suggest getting one! I get so much wear out of mine and adore it. 


As if we haven’t seen enough of off shoulder tops this season 😉 This is a trend that I am loving whole heartedly. I hope this never ever goes out of style, but if it does, I’ll still wear them-ha! They are so fun to wear, and I find them flattering too. Like the denim skirt, you can dress them up or down. I have it shown tucked into my favorite J. Crew cargo shorts, but you could also pair it with jeans and a fun pair of heels.


My color obsession at the moment is blush! Any and all things blush, and I can’t seem to get enough of it! I scored these cute shorts for $10, whoop whoop!! Between the price and color I snatched them up real quick, I mean how could I not?! I paired them with one of my favorite pairs of loafers and an easy white tank. This look was so fun, and comfortable.


This romper has my heart, it’s everything you could want and more! It has the prettiest bell sleeves, empire waist, and flattering neckline. The pattern on it is so fun and different, it for sure brings a bit of variety into my closet. This look could also be worn off the shoulder, but I liked the look of this neckline becasue it’s so different.



Two words, Lilly Pulitzer. *insert heart eye emoji here* I got this skirt a while back and finally had the time to get it altered, (short girl probs) and I couldn’t love it more! The detail and structure of it is amazing! I see myself having this for years to come and having countless wears. I have the same white tank as shown in two pictures up but just styled in a different way.

Well friends, there ya have it, a few of my favorite looks from the month of July! I hope you enjoy the new month of August and make the most of it. School is about to start up again for me and I am excited for a new year!

Do you have any go-to looks during the Summer? Do you have any must-have pieces in your closet? Do you find it easy to diversify your clothes and dress them up or down?

As always,

Have a great day!



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