Lending a Helping Hands


A meaningful life is well spent by lending a helping hand.

Audrey Hepburn once said, ” You have two hands, one for helping yourself, and one for helping others”. It’s all about helping others reach their goals, while you are reaching your goals, simultaneously. You could be that person that finally gets someone up and running, with a few encouraging words or a motivational push. We can all lift others up, and not dim down your own light by having an equal balance of priorities. Still make time for yourself and your goals, while spending time helping others reach their goals. You are still the most important person to yourself, so don’t spend so much time helping others that you forget about you and what you want. We can all work together, bounce ideas off of each other, and brainstorm ways to help each other accomplish our own tasks.We just need to find balance and work together.

Working together and lending a helping hand can be done in more than one way, however you do it just make sure it’s constructive rather than destructive. One way you could spend time encouraging others is by motivating them to chase after their own dreams and reach their own goals. Some people really need this becasue if they’re anything like me, they’re a dreamer, and the dreamers need the realist to keep them grounded. There have been countless times in my life were I have had a million and one dreams and goals for myself and I just wanted to chase after them all, but the people around me encouraged me to focus on one or two at a time and really go for it!! It’s important to listen to others along the way and accept their help and advice, don’t turn it away, just hold your dreams and carry them with guidance.

Find your dreamer if you’re a realist, and find you realist if you’re a dreamer.

The second, but certainly not last, way we can help each other is by sharing our susses and failures- it helps keep us real and venerable. If you are striding towards a goal, or a chasing after a dream, tell people! Naturally, others will want to cheer you on and help you in any way. Letting others know holds you accountable and motivates you even more. And when you finally reach that goal, or catch that dream, let them know and share your experiences with them. If you see someone going after the same thing as you let them know how you did it, or what roadblocks you had to over come. Guide them so they can reach their own goal faster and stronger. Life is not a competition and there is no finish line, so lend a helping hand and help others learn from your past experiences.

Share in your successes and your failures.

Everyone has the power to help someone, big or small. You never know how much offering help to someone could impact their day. And once you do help, or at least offer to help, don’t expect anything back in return, just know that it will come back to you naturally. It’s more about giving than receiving. 🙂 Working together is great and ideal, but don’t force it upon someone if they really don’t want it. Just tell them your experience, or motivate them, and allow another person to come your way that is more than willing to work with you.

Find your person, and work with each other.

Take today to get one step closer to accomplishing a goal or dream of yours. Maybe you need to finally start writhing that book, sign up for a yoga class, or enroll in higher education. Don’t think about the “what ifs” and just go for it! The worst that could happen is it doesn’t work out, but at least you know you tried!

Do you consider yourself a dreamer or a realist? Do you work with others already to accomplish your goals? Do you find yourself in an equal balance of time for priorities?

As always,

Have a great day!




3 thoughts on “Lending a Helping Hands

  1. First off, your outfit is so cute! You seem to have a great personality. Offering a helping hand has always been something I’ve done, sometimes before helping myself! That’s just who I am.


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