All Created Equal


The Universe/God/Holy Sprit or whatever you want to call it, it spoke to me, and it spoke to me in a way I’ll never forget. I was sitting in a moment of judgment. I was judging the people around me and I was thinking, “I’m out of place, I don’t belong here with these people.” I’m ashamed to say it, but I’m only human. We all have our slip-ups and I am going to try my hardest to not have it happen again.

While I was sitting there with those bitter thoughts playing over and over in my head a voice came over me, a voice that was not my own, and said, “These people are your equals. You are one with them, and they are one with you. Do not judge, see love.” And man oh man, you better believe right in that instant I stopped judging. After I heard those words I felt myself relax and and settle into my chair. I started to view all the people in the room with love. I felt so much lighter and more balanced with who I am. I felt free, because I was free of judgment.

That was the first time I ever experienced anything like that, and I am so glad I did. You always hear stories from people talking about their own experiences with God/Universe/ Holy Spirit, and to me I find them so intriguing. I want to know how it happened, when it happened, and the full nine yards. I was starting to question my own spiritual connection just because I personally didn’t experience anything on my own. (Again, these thoughts where judgment, I was judging myself and not seeing myself as equal to others.) But now I have my own story, and I am still equal to all. We are all equal, we are all one.

We all need to set ourselves free of judgment and view everyone as equals. We where all put on this Earth for a specific reason, and no one is better than another. Viewing each other with love should be our main priority, not comparing ourselves to others. When thoughts of judgment start to creep into our heads we just need to take a step back, acknowledge that we had those thoughts, and recenter ourselves. like I said earlier, we are only human and we will make mistakes, wha’t important is we fix our mistakes. So every time we start to judge, stop, and start to love. View love, spread love, be loved, and accept love… love conquers all. Be the love.

As you go throughout your day today stop and pause for a moment if you catch yourself in thoughts of judgment. Sit and resonate with those thoughts and decide to shift your mindset to love. Start viewing everyone as equal, and know that you are one with all, and all are one with you.

Do you often catch yourself with these thoughts? How do you recenter yourself? Do you have your own experience with God/Universe/ Holy Spirt? (ps if you do I want to hear! Leave it in the comments below or email me 🙂 )

Have a great day and be the love!



4 thoughts on “All Created Equal

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