The Summer of Growth


With each new year, comes all new seasons, and all new seasons comes great new opportunities… But one thing’s for sure, no matter the year, the seasons come and go way faster, or slower, than we’d like. Winter always seems to stick around too long, and Summer can never seem to stay long enough…. someone, please, tell me how that works! 😉

However, one thing that is great about the change in the weather, it’s a great internal checkpoint. With each new season it’s a great opportunity to take a step back and do some self reflecting. It’s a time to check in with yourself and evaluate how you are doing and feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically. You can ask yourself questions, look back at all you have accomplished, set new goals/ plans, or decide to change your life around.

Although summer isn’t technically over yet, take a second right now and reflect on all you have done this summer. Have you grown as a person? have you grown in your business? Are you happier than ever? Did you finally get your health figured out? Did you change your fear mindset into a faith mindset? However you want to do it, take a second right now and reflect. Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly. It’s okay if your answers aren’t want you want them to be, you have the ability to change that around!

The change of the season is right around the corner and this Summer came and went in a heart beat. Today is my first day of college again, and this summer was by far my busiest and biggest one yet. Summer 2017, I’ll always remember, you were one for the books…

After looking back upon this Summer and doing my own self reflecting I decided that this Summer was the Summer of growth. I feel that I grew into myself more and became more aware and in-tune with who I am. I grew this new confidence and faith in myself that I have never had before, and I know it’s all becasue I am giving my all up to the universe and living in love. On top of that, I now love who I am, and who I am becoming. I am starting to make bigger decisions on my own, and really visualize my future- and I am doing this all with confidence. I have trust and faith in myself that I am making the right decisions for my life and that I am doing what is best for me. Summer 2017 was defiantly the summer of growth.

I hope you had a great Summer, and take the time to look back on your own Summer and do some self reflecting. I know that this Summer changed you, even if you don’t think it did!

Is there anything you always do with the change of the seasons? Do you have any other internal checkpoints?

Enjoy your last few days of summer and have a great day!



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