If you’re big into the self-help world, Law of Attraction or spirituality, chances are you are familiar with the idea of manifestation, or even practice it, but if not, allow me to explain… Manifesting means you are visualizing and creating your own reality by working with and through the Universe. You are putting your thoughts and energy out into the world, and sending signs to the Universe. You are sending signs that what you are visualizing, you actually want to happen. For example, if I wanted to live in a house on a particular road in a particular town, I would visualize myself living in an actual house on that specific road that is in that town. I would feel the feeling and emotions of living there, I would visualize myself walking through the house and doing my daily tasks- I’d visualize and feel as if I was already living there.

Manifesting is an awesome and crazy thing because it actually works! With the right intentions and mindset you can accomplish all of your goals and dreams. The cool thing is, your mind can’t tell the difference between actual events and dreams, so when you are doing the manifestations it’s actually believing that it is real- so cool, right?! The only thing that is telling us it’s not real, is ourselves, and we are the only ones holding us back from living in our reality. In order to do so, we need to give up our all to the Universe and surrender our negative thoughts.

Once you start manifesting your reality, start to be aware of and pick up on signs. Manifesting does not work over night, and it is a continual work in progress. You need to have full faith and confidence that the Universe is working in your favor and things are going your way. In order to receive this confirmation, the Universe works in wonderful and mysterious ways. It will start to give signs and identifications that your reality is in the works and it is on its way to becoming true. These signs can be big or small, so always be aware and quick to pick up on things. Going back to the house example, a sign for me could be seeing the name of that specific road multiple times over the course of the week, or seeing similar houses go up for sale in the same neighborhood. It doesn’t matter how it comes across, what matters is that your reality is in the works and closer than you think.

Lately, I’ve been having my own experiences with manifestation, and let me tell you, the Universe is working real quick. It has given me multiple major signs that my reality is coming true. The Universe must really agree with me that this needs to be my reality and fast. Receiving these signs has been a reassurance to me that the Universe is working in my favor and continuously guiding me down the right path. I am loving the experiences I have been having, and I am so excited to see when my reality actually comes true.

If you haven’t tried manifesting before, I highly encourage you to give it a shot! Start with something small and go up from there. See how long it takes you to receive your first sign, but patience is key! You can’t rush the timing of the Universe, so, know that they will come when needed. Have faith and have fun, and start manifesting your reality!

Have you tried manifesting before? If so how did you know when you started living in your reality? Did the Universe send you any signs?

As alway,

Have a great day!




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