Vision Board

Manifest your life and create your reality with a vision board! They are fun and easy to make and bring you to where you want to go.

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of a vision board allow me to explain… A vision board is quite simply, a board with all your visions on it. There are no limits as to what can, and can’t go on it. You can put anything on there from your dream home, to your dream job, but there is one thing is, aim for images/words that make you feel a particular way. If your dream job involves you feeling secure and valued, then put those word on your board, or an image that represents that. This way you will want to feel those feeling when you look at your board. You’ll want to attract those feelings into your life and keep them there.

The idea behind creating a vision board is that you are suppose to see it everyday and and do short visualization exercises. You are suppose to see it, think about it, and feel it. By doing this, you are allowing your visions to become your reality, naturally. You see the images and phrases and you want them to happen to you, so you start attracting and acquiring them into your life. You are putting your thoughts and feelings out into the universe and they start coming back to you.



Why it works- Visualizing is a great exercise for the brain because what we focus on, becomes. We create a positive energy towards these feelings and things, that we naturally attract them. You are sending signs out to the Universe and allowing it to take over.

Visualizing is nothing new, famous athletes, and even Oprah, have been using it to attract all their desires into their life. This stuff really works, and I suggest you try it out, fast!

This summer I created my own vision board and it was so fun to make! On it I have powerful words and affirmations, images of things I want to accomplish, and feelings I want to have. My board is sitting in my room where I can see it all the time. Every time I see it, I visualize it and feel it. I see my future and feel what it will be like. I feel the feelings I am attracting and I experience the emotions that come along with it.

I am creating my reality, and man oh man is it working! Just like I was saying last week in my manifestation post, the Universe is working real fast and in crazy, awesome ways! I totally believe that it will work out this way for you too, but only if you commit to it and visualize it!

If you haven’t created a vision board yet, take today to make one! Dream big and find the feelings you want to feel. Put your favorite pictures, magazine cut outs, words and affirmations on it. Design it to fit you and your style. Add some glitter if you want for a sparkly fun touch 😉

Have you made a vision board before? If so how? Did you find those things happening in your life? Do you want to create your own reality?

As always,

Have a great day!



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