Seeing Yourself in Others

Seeing-Yourself-in-othersWhen you look at someone, what do you see? Do you see the whole person- mind, body, and spirit? Do you see their energy? Do you see love? Or, do you see your own insecurities as a reflection in them?

Lately, I’ve noticed that we are so quick to judge others before we realize we are doing it. We’ll be looking at a person, and BAM, we start judging! We don’t see them for who they are, but rather, we see them for what they look like or act like. We start to create these preconceived judgments about this person, before we even get to know them- and this is not okay. We are doing ourselves no favors, and we are only hurting the other person as well. It doesn’t matter if they know what you are thinking or saying becasue it effects them either way. People are sensitive and can pick up on vibes right away, especially low vibes. As a result, this can lead to the judgement coming right back at you.

Now, I understand that this might not be a continuous occurrence for everyone, but, slip-ups can happen and we don’t mean for them to.

And why is that? Why do we judge others and ourselves?

Here’s what I think…

Ask someone their strengths, and they might not know. Ask someone their weaknesses, and I bet they’d know. (And could probably give you a list of ten or so..)

Individually, we transform our weaknesses (“flaws”) into our strengths. Not a strength that one excels at, rather, one that is known. We become overly aware, and in-tune, to everything we think is “wrong” with ourselves. We overlook all the beauty, and focus on the imperfect. But really, there is no “imperfect”- we are all perfect in our own ways. 😉

As a result, overly focusing on our weaknesses causes us to pick them out in others, and fast! They tend to be the first qualities we see in others and start to scrutinize them for it. But really, we are just trying to overcompensate for our own insecurities to try and make ourselves feel better. For example, if I were to have crooked teeth, and that’s a big insecurity of mine, that’s the first thing would I see in others. I would start thinking about them negatively and why they couldn’t get their teeth fixed. From there on, I’d spiral down the judgment hole. The reason is, I am always thinking and concerning about my teeth, the more I manifest that energy around it. It’s the same as when you want to buy a new car. The moment you decide on what car you want, you start seeing it everywhere!

We need to stop focusing on our own weaknesses to stop judging others. We need to start seeing people as love and light and see them for who they are. And finally, we need to stop focusing on our “weaknesses” because we have none! We are all equal and we are all love.

Do you catch yourself judging people throughout the day? Do you turn your weaknesses into your strengths? How can you use today to see people with love?

As always,

Have a great day!!




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