Outfits From September

Two words, FALL FASHION! Oh my, oh my, my heart be still. I am in love with all the fall fashion! Even though I am miles and miles away, this girl is still getting all her fall fashion runway fix. I am keeping up to-date with all that is going on and I am loving all the new trends! Do yourself a favor right now and go check out the new Tory Burch collection, swoon, you’ll love it! Some major things to keep an eye out for this fall are: earthy tone florals, reconstructed button-downs, velvet and suade everything(!), and oversized bows and prints! Yes, yes, all of this is SO good!

Now on to the real reason for this post, my outfits from September. Man! This month flew by!! I think I blinked and it was over, ha! 😉 For me this month was filled with fun outfits. At the beginning of the month I wasn’t quite sure what to wear yet because it was still in the 70s, but I still wanted to dress fun- becasue it’s fall now, obviously 😉

Now onto October and I couldn’t be more excited! I am so ready for chilly nights and a cup of warm tea in my hand at all times! Another reason I love this cool weather is becasue I can bring out all my cute sweaters and show them off- ahh a fall fashion lovers dream ❤ Also, if you haven’t been to Target resonantly to need to go ASAP! They have the best selection of boots and booties right now, run! Ha!


This fun top in from Old Navy and I am loving it!! I love how fun and flirty it is. The ruffles make a statement but aren’t too overpowering so it’s a win-win, right? I paired it with my new favorite pair of jeans from Gap that I am obsessed with! And of course, a pair of loafers 😉


This top is the same shirt as above but just in stripes! Hey, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, right?! I did, however make this look different. I paired it with my go-to pair of white jeans and sparkly loafers. I also tried something new and belted my look for a change. Usually I forgo a belt becasue I don’t like how they look on me, but I thought it would be fun for a change. 


You can’t really see it but this shirt has the cutest little pom-poms on the hem! I thought it was so fun and cute! I paired it with the same jeans in the first pic and a fun pair of nude heels. 


It’s sweater weather- yay!! I got this sweater off of ThreadUp and I am obsessed! This site is an online thrift store that sells name brand clothing for a fraction of a price! You need to check it out! On top of that, I am loving this turtle neck for the cooler weather, and this color is my fav! 


I got this top the other day from Targets new clothing line A New Day. They have the most amazing items all for a great price! They have everything from business professional to casual clothing. Again, Target for the win 😉


OMG, this sweater is everything! How fun are these bishop sleeves?! I am in love with anything that has a fun and loud sleeve. I love the statement they make and how fun they are to wear. If you haven’t tried out this trend before you need to! 

And there ya have it! All of my favorite looks from the month of September. Be on the look out for even more fall fashion in the coming months from me and I am so excited! I hope you all have a great month of October and you get to enjoy this fun fall weather. Carve a pumpkin and do something fun!

Enjoy your day!



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