Take it Easy

Take it easy, slow down, and enjoy life.


Life is meant to be enjoyed and walked through, not sprinted through like a race. We are meant to savor our down time by relaxing, doing something we love and showering ourselves in self care. In a perfect world, we would all set aside time each and everyday for ourselves to relax and wind down, but now, our version of relaxing is scrolling through out phones for ten minutes before bed- so relaxing, right?!;) The majority of us got in this habit of trying to fill every waking hour with work, friends, hobbies, and other little tasks, that we have forgotten about ourselves! This is this sigma no, that is you aren’t doing something productive, you’re doing something wrong- but in reality, it’s more than okay to do nothing at all every once in a while!

We are almost to the point where we fell uncomfortable in our alone time. We fear the silence, we fear the boardem, and we fear not knowing what to do with ourselves. We no longer know how to just “chill” and have a quite night in, rather we are more use to, and comfortable with, doing a million things and running a mile a minute. It’s like we are trying to fill a void in our lives that’s really not there.

It seams like we are all in competition with each other as to who can do the most, in the shortest about of time. I mean when was the last time you asked, “How are you?” and they didn’t say, “Oh, I am so busy”, or, “I just have so much going on”. If you can think of a time I am surprised and I applaud that person, because I can’t, and truly, I am a victim of this myself.

Whatever happened to the days were life was enjoyed and lived in rather than just skimmed on the top?! And I get it, some people don’t have the luxury to just slow down and take a day off, but that’s not the point. The point is, if you don’t have one hour a few days a week to yourself, then you might burn out one day soon- and that is one thing we all want to avoid.


The beautiful thing with down time is that you can actually have time to learn about and discover yourself. You can actually dream about your dreams, think about your future, take a nap, reconnect with your family, and cuddle your pets. It allows you to be present and live in the moment. We start to associate more meaning and value to life, rather than just working crazy long hours and always being busy.

Mindfulness is key to living a happy and centered life, and isn’t that something we should all desire?! Take time and notice the crazy fast pace you are living your life( if you do), and decide to make a shift if you need to. Your happiness, health, and wellbeing are way more important than the 50 activities on your daily agenda, so take time to honor yourself and slow down.

Find comfort in your downtime and beauty in your alone time. Dive deep and really get to know yourself. Take it easy and slow things down.

Do you ever take time for yourself? Do you catch yourself filling your days with a million things? How can you shift your life to become more centered?

As always,

Have a great day! (And remember to take it easy ;))



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