Friendship is a beautiful thing, but finding friends who love and support us can be like finding a diamond in the rough- and man oh man, when we find them, we better hold onto them for life.

I recently read a quote that said, “There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.” and I thought it was so true and I wanted to right a post on it, naturally. 😉

I know that once I welcome loving friendships into my life I do view them as family, and to me, it creates a deeper and more meaningful relationship. I think there is nothing more genuine because life should be filled with meaningful and purposeful relationships. Friendship, and any relationship for that matter, should go both ways and be two sided. We should reach out to them, tell them how special they are, love them and support them, help them reach their dreams, and in return, they should do the same for us.

We should be able to talk about anything and everything to our true friends and be able to fully act ourselves and not hide anything. We shouldn’t have to put a mask on to please others when we are around them. We are all meant to live our own genuine life and never feel bad about who we are. If we find ourselves doing this we need to stop and reevaluate what exactly we are benefiting from that friendship. Sometimes it takes a little moving on to find out what we really want in life and who is actually there to support us.

It’s important to know that the friendships we need to move on from were still meant to come into our lives for some reason or another. We all have something to learn from one another, so take that and give thanks for the experiences and new found knowledge. Give thanks for past, present, and future friendships and relationships and for all the experiences, joys and memories because they help us create who we are. The Universe wouldn’t send anyone into our lives without a reason, it just might take a little digging to find it.


When the Universe sends us our most genuine friends you can just feel it and there is no other way to explain it. It’s like we’ve known them all our lives and there is just a “click”. We feel a deep connection and could never grow tired of them. When we are around them we feel our most genuine and inspired selves. There are deep and meaningful conversations that we both mutually grow and learn from, experiences that fill our souls with pure joy and happiness, and we know that we would do anything to love, support, and help them in anyway. They help us become the best version of ourselves and we do the same to them, and in the process they become like family to us.


Friends truly are just an extension of our family, but what is so unique is that we get to pick them and hand select them and welcome them into our beautiful lives. Not all friendships will be easy, some will be messy and some hard to find, but it’s what we go and grow through together that crates all of our bonds stronger. So if we’ve found our people, we need to hold them close and thank them for being in our lives.

How do you know when you’ve found a true friend? In what ways do you love and support them? How could you become a better friend?

As always,

Have a great day!



The Joy of Being Thankful

the-joy-of-being-thankful2In the spirt of Thanksgiving being this week, I have been feeling extra thankful and grateful, and I hope you are too! Besides being thankful just on Thanksgiving, I think we should be thankful all year long and in as many ways as possible. Gratitude is definitely an attitude and it’s easy to switch it on and off without even realizing it- so let’s spread the joy of the holiday season and do our best to keep it “on” as much as we can! 🙂

With the holidays being a busy time of year it’s easy to think about the negatives once one thing starts going wrong, but it’s better and more rewarding to remind ourselves all that we are thankful for. Not only does this help pull us out of that low vibration energy, but it also returns us to a state of love. Try to remember that we are all created equal and everyone can be seen through love. I know from personal experiences that if I catch myself starting to think negative I take a moment to pause, reflect on my thoughts, and shift my thinking around. I remind myself all that I am tankful for and within moments my day is turned around. And you know what, sometimes it’s the little things that can really add up to show us how fortunate we are. Little things like: our health, education, employment, car, clean water, having clothing to wear and food to eat. And then of course, we always have our friends, family and pets to be thankful for at all times.

I get it though, sometimes it is hard to think like this, especially if we are butting heads with a family member or friends. But when we start to remind ourself how thankful we are for them, it helps to loosen the tension and helps us to see them with love again. And if it is truly time for someone to move on for our lives we can be thankful for all the good times we had together and all that we have learned from them, becasue no matter what, we can all learn something from each other, even if it’s just something small…


So for this Thanksgiving I want to challenge you to create a list of your own. You can do it either on your phone, laptop, or even just on a sheet of paper and write down anything and everything you are thankful for. Keep it in a place where you can see it daily and if you wanted too, you could put it in multiple places too. When you look at it remind yourself how you feel when you are in a state of gratitude, because remember, it affects your attitude 😉 Then, when are catch yourself in low vibrational thoughts, pause acknowledge your feelings, give them up to the universe, and shift your thinking around. You can look at your list to help you get back in a state of thankfulness and come back real quick.

If you need some ideas, here are a few things on my list: my family, my friends, my job at Primp, my health,  my education, and fresh flowers in the Spring time.

With all that said, I hope you have a very thankful Thanksgiving and I am so over the moon grateful for YOU reading this!! Thank you for coming back to my blog and reading it each week, it means more to me than you’ll ever know! Now, have an amazing holiday weekend with your loved ones and remember to be extra thankful this holiday season!

As always,

Have a grate day!


The “Un” Support

unsupport3The truth of the reality is not everyone in our lives will support us in every decision we make, and that’s just how it is. We all wish it wasn’t this way, but it’s in how we choose to deal with these people and how we let them affect us that we find ourselves more.

Personally, I am very fortunate to have a loving family and a great group of friend, however, that doesn’t mean they have agreed with every decision I’ve made in the past, and probably won’t in the future too- and honestly, okay with it.

I’m okay with it and we all should be too. When our loved ones rebuttal us, it helps us really think through our decisions and guides us in making the right choice. Before any decision, or step of action, it’s smart to look at both sides beforehand. On the one side, how your life will be like if you do go with it, and the other side, if you don’t go with it. But with that said, we can’t let all this get to our heads, or else we’ll start to drive ourselves crazy! We just need to trust our guts and got with our first instinct of what is right. We are the only ones who can truly know and feel what is the best choice for us and our futures, so we need to own whatever decisions we make!


We need to look at the people in our lives who “un” support us with decisions as a blessing more than a burden. I say this becasue they help keep us in check and  grounded. It’s so easy to get our heads lots in the clouds day dreaming away, but with their help, they bring us back down to reality. With that said, if someone in your life is completely negative and never supports you in anything, then consider that it might be in both of your best interest to part ways. No one needs that much negativity in their life, and there is a fine line between helping you stay grounded and just trying to demolish you. Use your best judgement and determine if the people you surround yourself with need to be reevaluated or not, and if it so, give your all up to the universe and have faith it will all work out the way it is supposed to.

We need to understand that we truly have the power to do anything we want to. We just need to be grounded to accomplish these things rather than having our heads in the clouds. The more we look at the “un” support from people as a blessing, rather than a burden, the more freely we can live and the less we have to battle or fight with them. If we actually take the time to listen and understand what they are saying, the more we might get out of it. Some really good points could be said and be taken into account, and that’s how they help keep us in check with reality.


Not everyone in life will support us and that’s okay. We just need to find the people who support and and “un” support us in a kind and loving way. The more we think of it all as a blessing and reality check, the better and more fulfilled our lives can be. Eventually we will all find our purpose and live the life we have imagined, and for that, we should all be grateful!

How have you handled with un support before? Will you look at these situations as a blessing now?

As always,

Have a great day!



ReflectingAs 2017 is quickly coming to a close, I can’t help but look back and reflect on this past year. I feel that I have grown and changed in so many ways and that my life is completely different- in a good way of course 😉 And then this got me thinking… It got me thinking about how important it is to reflect on yourself and past experiences. Not only does it help you see how much you have changed, but it also help you see how you can grow.

When we take time to look back and reflect on all of our experiences and accomplishments from the past, we get to observe how we handled them and for some instances, decide how we wish we would have handled them. We get to find our strengths, weaknesses, triggering points, powers, and all the in betweens…and so much more, we get to find ourselves and continue our growth.

We can’t grow and better ourselves without a few mistakes along the way, because it’s in these mistakes, fall downs, struggles, or what ever YOU want to call them, that we become stronger by reflecting back on them. We all have a time or two that we feel was the hardest time of our lives, and rightfully so because no one is perfect and no one has no mistakes. We are all human and they are a natural part of life! And that’s the beautiful thing, because we get to reflect back on them and then watch ourselves grow!

Reflecting2But with that said, it’s also important to not get stuck in the past because you can’t move forward while looking backwards. We need to reflect on our experiences, take what we learned, give it up to the universe and move on. We need to move on in order to  grow and become the best version of ourselves. We are all capable of this, we just need to be strong and have resilience to preserver.

Another way to deepen this practice is to cary it with your to friends, family, and co-workers. Ask your friends and family how they feel you have grown and changed in the past year. Ask them how you could change, in a positive way, to become the best version of yourself. In my own life, this is something I love doing with my family becasue it’s interesting to hear their observations and find things I’ve missed while doing my own self reflection. In addition, it’s always great to ask your employer how you are doing and what you could be doing to improve. We should all want to be on a continuos path of growing an learning so ask up and be ready to become the best you can be! 😉

Take some time today to do a little self reflecting. You could jot down a few notes in your journal, think about it while laying in bed, or while flipping through your old photos. Any way that works for you is perfect and meant for you!

Happy self reflecting! 🙂

How do you reflect on your past experiences? How do you feel you have grown over this year? Do you find new ways to grow?

Have a great day!


Outfits From October

Oh October, you were a great month and will be missed! For me it was filled with fun events, school, work, and much needed friend time- and nothing can beat that!

With the first snow fall already upon us, (crazy right?!) I like to keep my outfits light and airy, while still warm and cozy. Think soft and chunky sweaters and a great pair of boots- it’s basically my uniform for fall 😉 I also enjoy softer colors to bring a breath of fresh air into our cold and dreary days. I mean, how can you look at the color pink and not be instantly happy?!

Any who, I am so excited for the holiday season to be upon us! I love the energy it brings and how happy everything is! it;s such a beautiful thing and I look forward to it each and every year. So cheers to the holiday season and a great start to November!


I am in love with this top! I got it from ThredUp, it’s an online thrift store that has name brand clothing. This was my first time trying it out and I was so impressed! I got a few other items and I loved them all! The skirt is nothing new, it’s probably my most worn item in my closet to be honest 🙈 And these boots! Oh my, I love them! They are from Target and for only $40!!! Like what?! 


This sweater is another item I got from ThreadUp and I am obsessed! I love a good chunky sweater to stay warm on these cold and windy MN days. The jeans I am wearing are a new arrival at Primp and they are amazing!! The wash is the perfect color and they are so stretchy and comfy!! The booties I have had forever, and again, they are from Target! 


This is a fun and comfy look I modeled for Primp the other day. The sweater is so soft and light weight! It’s the perfect item that can be dressed up or down. The hats we have are selling out quick! And I can see why- they are just so cute!! The jeans and booties are the same as I am wearing above.


As we can see, I love anything that has I high neck, turtle neck, or cowl neck- ha! This is a great sweater from Primp that I could wear everyday! It is SO soft and comfy! I love how roomy and airy it is! It’s the perfect thing to wear when you have “nothing to wear”. Again, the skirt and boots are the same as above.

And there we have it! A few of my favorite outfits from the month of October! I am so excited for the new month and all that is to come! I hope you have a great start to your holiday season and make the most of it! If you haven’t already, you can check out my other latest blog post here, here, and here.

Have a great day!