Outfits From October

Oh October, you were a great month and will be missed! For me it was filled with fun events, school, work, and much needed friend time- and nothing can beat that!

With the first snow fall already upon us, (crazy right?!) I like to keep my outfits light and airy, while still warm and cozy. Think soft and chunky sweaters and a great pair of boots- it’s basically my uniform for fall 😉 I also enjoy softer colors to bring a breath of fresh air into our cold and dreary days. I mean, how can you look at the color pink and not be instantly happy?!

Any who, I am so excited for the holiday season to be upon us! I love the energy it brings and how happy everything is! it;s such a beautiful thing and I look forward to it each and every year. So cheers to the holiday season and a great start to November!


I am in love with this top! I got it from ThredUp, it’s an online thrift store that has name brand clothing. This was my first time trying it out and I was so impressed! I got a few other items and I loved them all! The skirt is nothing new, it’s probably my most worn item in my closet to be honest 🙈 And these boots! Oh my, I love them! They are from Target and for only $40!!! Like what?! 


This sweater is another item I got from ThreadUp and I am obsessed! I love a good chunky sweater to stay warm on these cold and windy MN days. The jeans I am wearing are a new arrival at Primp and they are amazing!! The wash is the perfect color and they are so stretchy and comfy!! The booties I have had forever, and again, they are from Target! 


This is a fun and comfy look I modeled for Primp the other day. The sweater is so soft and light weight! It’s the perfect item that can be dressed up or down. The hats we have are selling out quick! And I can see why- they are just so cute!! The jeans and booties are the same as I am wearing above.


As we can see, I love anything that has I high neck, turtle neck, or cowl neck- ha! This is a great sweater from Primp that I could wear everyday! It is SO soft and comfy! I love how roomy and airy it is! It’s the perfect thing to wear when you have “nothing to wear”. Again, the skirt and boots are the same as above.

And there we have it! A few of my favorite outfits from the month of October! I am so excited for the new month and all that is to come! I hope you have a great start to your holiday season and make the most of it! If you haven’t already, you can check out my other latest blog post here, here, and here.

Have a great day!



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