ReflectingAs 2017 is quickly coming to a close, I can’t help but look back and reflect on this past year. I feel that I have grown and changed in so many ways and that my life is completely different- in a good way of course 😉 And then this got me thinking… It got me thinking about how important it is to reflect on yourself and past experiences. Not only does it help you see how much you have changed, but it also help you see how you can grow.

When we take time to look back and reflect on all of our experiences and accomplishments from the past, we get to observe how we handled them and for some instances, decide how we wish we would have handled them. We get to find our strengths, weaknesses, triggering points, powers, and all the in betweens…and so much more, we get to find ourselves and continue our growth.

We can’t grow and better ourselves without a few mistakes along the way, because it’s in these mistakes, fall downs, struggles, or what ever YOU want to call them, that we become stronger by reflecting back on them. We all have a time or two that we feel was the hardest time of our lives, and rightfully so because no one is perfect and no one has no mistakes. We are all human and they are a natural part of life! And that’s the beautiful thing, because we get to reflect back on them and then watch ourselves grow!

Reflecting2But with that said, it’s also important to not get stuck in the past because you can’t move forward while looking backwards. We need to reflect on our experiences, take what we learned, give it up to the universe and move on. We need to move on in order to  grow and become the best version of ourselves. We are all capable of this, we just need to be strong and have resilience to preserver.

Another way to deepen this practice is to cary it with your to friends, family, and co-workers. Ask your friends and family how they feel you have grown and changed in the past year. Ask them how you could change, in a positive way, to become the best version of yourself. In my own life, this is something I love doing with my family becasue it’s interesting to hear their observations and find things I’ve missed while doing my own self reflection. In addition, it’s always great to ask your employer how you are doing and what you could be doing to improve. We should all want to be on a continuos path of growing an learning so ask up and be ready to become the best you can be! 😉

Take some time today to do a little self reflecting. You could jot down a few notes in your journal, think about it while laying in bed, or while flipping through your old photos. Any way that works for you is perfect and meant for you!

Happy self reflecting! 🙂

How do you reflect on your past experiences? How do you feel you have grown over this year? Do you find new ways to grow?

Have a great day!



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