The Joy of Being Thankful

the-joy-of-being-thankful2In the spirt of Thanksgiving being this week, I have been feeling extra thankful and grateful, and I hope you are too! Besides being thankful just on Thanksgiving, I think we should be thankful all year long and in as many ways as possible. Gratitude is definitely an attitude and it’s easy to switch it on and off without even realizing it- so let’s spread the joy of the holiday season and do our best to keep it “on” as much as we can! 🙂

With the holidays being a busy time of year it’s easy to think about the negatives once one thing starts going wrong, but it’s better and more rewarding to remind ourselves all that we are thankful for. Not only does this help pull us out of that low vibration energy, but it also returns us to a state of love. Try to remember that we are all created equal and everyone can be seen through love. I know from personal experiences that if I catch myself starting to think negative I take a moment to pause, reflect on my thoughts, and shift my thinking around. I remind myself all that I am tankful for and within moments my day is turned around. And you know what, sometimes it’s the little things that can really add up to show us how fortunate we are. Little things like: our health, education, employment, car, clean water, having clothing to wear and food to eat. And then of course, we always have our friends, family and pets to be thankful for at all times.

I get it though, sometimes it is hard to think like this, especially if we are butting heads with a family member or friends. But when we start to remind ourself how thankful we are for them, it helps to loosen the tension and helps us to see them with love again. And if it is truly time for someone to move on for our lives we can be thankful for all the good times we had together and all that we have learned from them, becasue no matter what, we can all learn something from each other, even if it’s just something small…


So for this Thanksgiving I want to challenge you to create a list of your own. You can do it either on your phone, laptop, or even just on a sheet of paper and write down anything and everything you are thankful for. Keep it in a place where you can see it daily and if you wanted too, you could put it in multiple places too. When you look at it remind yourself how you feel when you are in a state of gratitude, because remember, it affects your attitude 😉 Then, when are catch yourself in low vibrational thoughts, pause acknowledge your feelings, give them up to the universe, and shift your thinking around. You can look at your list to help you get back in a state of thankfulness and come back real quick.

If you need some ideas, here are a few things on my list: my family, my friends, my job at Primp, my health,  my education, and fresh flowers in the Spring time.

With all that said, I hope you have a very thankful Thanksgiving and I am so over the moon grateful for YOU reading this!! Thank you for coming back to my blog and reading it each week, it means more to me than you’ll ever know! Now, have an amazing holiday weekend with your loved ones and remember to be extra thankful this holiday season!

As always,

Have a grate day!



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