The Art of Receiving

The-Art-of-ReceivingReceiving help, gift, compliments, or anything for that matter can be a hard thing to do, especially if you’re not use to it… I believe the main reason we all have such a hard time receiving is because it can be looked down upon from others… There seems to be this stigma that we are all supposed to do everything an anything on our own, or that it’s selfish if we accept/ acknowledge it… which is completely backwards in my opinion. I believe that we should all have open arms and welcome all forms of help, gifts, compliments, ect. into our life. Accepting and receiving helps us know that we are in line with our higher selves and that the positive energy is flowing through us at a high vibe✨

So brake down those barriers and start receiving today!

For starters, when someone offers to help you when you are clearly struggling, take them up on it. It let’s them know that you actually heard them, trust them, and value their form of help. For some people, acts of service is their love language, so let them show you their affection! You never know how much it might mean for someone 😉 Another pointer to go by is you can really tell by how someone offered to help if they truly meant it or not, so go with your gut and trust your instincts.


Another form of receiving can be with compliments or gifts from others. When someone compliments you or gives you a nice little present say, “Thank you” and mean it! Don’t brush it off as if they didn’t say anything, put yourself down, or get embarrassed- no! Look them in the eyes, say “thank you!” and own it! As mentioned above, it shows that you actually heard them, value their generosity, and are grateful to have received it. So the next time someone comments on your cute outfit say “thank you” and not, “Oh this old thing, I’ve had it for years.” Say thank you, own it, and know that you look bomb in that cute outfit of yours. (There is no shame in this game;) )

And more than anything, know that you are worthy to receive! You are worthy to receive from all others and all that you desire. Feel no guilt or shame for anything and everything you want. This is your life and your world, chase after what makes you happy and welcome it into your life with open arms.


One thing that I have noticed from experience is that welcoming a receiving energy into your life invites abundance to flow and move through you. It shows the Universe that you are ready and willing to accept even bigger and better things into your world. So open those arms and heart wide open and get ready to start receiving.

If you find yourself having trouble with receiving, start out with baby steps- one thing at a time. Maybe it could be finally taking someone up on their offering to help, or saying “thank you” to a kind complement, and work your way up from there. Another thing you could also try is repeating the mantra, “I am open and willing to receive” a few times a day. I find that mantras really help me hone-in and get back into the right mindset. The more I say it, the more I believe it and the more I believe it, the more it becomes my reality. If this is something new to you, try it out and give it a go! It’s harmless and you can do no wrong, and it’s kind of fun 😉


So start today with your new found practice of receiving and let me know you it goes! I know that you will start to notices changes in yourself and the world around you, I’m sure of it!

Are you already a natural receiver? How can you become a better one? What is holding you back from being open to receive right now?

Have a great day!



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