Breaking the Cliché


Clichés… they tend to be frowned upon, but I say why? Why should we limit ourselves just because of others preconceived notions? If we really want to do something and we don’t do it because of others and what they think, than we are blocking ourselves out and not living up to what it is we want to do.

There seems to be this negative stigma that posting selfies on social media is a major cliché, and the people who post them are self absorbed… but I’d think to think differently than that.

My theory is if we have a picture that we love and are proud of, we should be able to post it without any hesitation. We should just forget about what others have to say or think and do it! If we want to post it, we should post it!

Our social media is exactly that, ours. Everyone has their own freewill and can decide what they want to do and not do. Meaning, if we want to post something we should post it, if they want to follow or unfollow us, that’s up to them.

In addition to that, however, we should use our platforms as a force for good and to inspire others. We all have to ability to empower people through your words and action, so help uplift others to be who they are and love the skin they are in. We are all capable of this, not just a select few, I promise!

And trust me, it’s not a game of who is the prettiest or who can pose the best, it’s about sharing a picture that we love and feel good in, or at least it should be anyways. When we are comfortable in our own skin and love who we are, we aren’t trying to get instant gratification from other, we are simply just sharing ourselves and our lives with others. And when we use it as a force for good we are helping and inspiring others too, so why not give it a go?

BreakingTheCliche2Personally, I love sharing photos unedited, like the ones here, becasue they are transparent and show the real me. I accept and love all the “flaws” that make me, me. The acne scars, the fly away hairs, the uneven skin tone and all, bring it on! If it makes me, me, and creates who I am, then I love it and am thankful for it.

And believe me, I completely get it! Body positivity is hard. It’s all too easy for us to open up our social media apps and compare ourselves to others, but we need to end that bad habit now. I believe that most of us play this harsh mind game with ourselves because we are our own biggest critics and worst victims. Bummer, right?!

The people we see all over social media are edited and “perfected”, so it’s not like we are seeing the “real” them to begin with, we are just seeing them as they want us to see them. And trust me, almost no one has a perfectly symmetrical face, identical eyebrows, crystal clear skin, and so on… What I am trying to get at is we are all perfect and created to be just the way we are!

Love the skin your in and be proud of it!


So today I am challenging you to starting loving yourself and all that makes you, you! Start noticing all the little things that make you unique and different. Be transparent with yourself and others and don’t try to hide behind your own skin. Know you are perfect and created just they way you are meant to be because you are perfect as you!

I am also challenging you to share your story and post a selfie, or any other picture you feel amazing in, on social media and use the hashtag #breakingthecliché (breaking the cliché). I want to hear from YOU and hear your story! I want to know want makes you unique, what you have learned to love about yourself, what your journey with self love has been, or anything else you want to share, even if you just want to use the hashtag that works too! So, great ready to get down and dirty and share your vulnerable side, and bonus points because it shows people you’re human too.

Remember to use the hashtag and tag me (@petite.serendipity on IG and @PetiteSerendipity on FB) in it too, because I want to hear from YOU!

What makes you unique? How do you show yourself self love?

As always,

Have a great day!



Nontoxic Beauty

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I am very passionate about going green, eating organic, reducing waste and so on.. but one thing that I have recently switched over from conventional to natural was my beauty routine, and man! has it made the biggest difference to my skin! I am now using completely natural products, everything from my face wash, to my mascara, it’s all natural and I love it!

A little back story to begin with, in August I was on a mission to clear my skin and get it under control. I was willing to try almost anything, and then, my friend suggested I change up my makeup and go nontoxic, and I said okay!

Before I made the switch, I did a lot of research and found the most interesting, and kind of disturbing, information in regards to make up and what it is we are actually putting on our skin. I’ll share some info below:

  • In one year, on average, we absorb over 7 pounds of toxins through our skin. Think conventional body wash, lotion, scented oils, hairspray, nail polish and so on…
  • 85-95% of all cancers can be traced to diet and chemical exposure through the air and contact through skin.
  • It’s estimated that we apply over 100 chemicals to ourselves daily if using conventional products.
  • Hormones can be tampered with, with the use of synthetic dyes, scents, phthalates and other chemicals. Causing reproductive issues, hormone imbalances and breast cancer.
  • Our skin absorbs everything that we put onto it, and it gets absorbed into our blood stream.

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For more information and to read it yourself, I found this information here and here.

I strongly encourage you to do some research of your own, don’t just take my word for it. Learn about it, look into it and find out for yourself!

Some great books on this topic are: Eat Pretty, by Jolene Heart, Women Code, by Alisa Vitti, and Goop Clean Beauty, by the editors of Goop.

A great app that I use daily to see how safe products are is, Think Dirt, and it’s free!

Finding all this information out was enough for me to make the switch and go completely all natural. I chose to do this all in one go, but if you wanted to, you could gradually switch out one item at a time and work your way up to an all natural beauty routine.

The makeup products that I have found and have fallen in love with are from the brand RMS Beauty. It is an all natural line that uses cold pressed organic raw virgin coconut oil for the base in most of its products, is free from harmful chemicals, and actually helps improve your skin.

The products have intact elements from the coconut oil such as: vitamin E, enzymes, and antioxidants. What this means is that using these products help clear skin, rewind aging skin, and give the overall look and feel of healthier skin. There is also live lauric acid which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial, leading to even more healthier and hydrated skin.

All products are also certified organic, non GMO, nano free, and non comedogenic meaning they won’t cause breakouts, rashes, or dehydration. They are also gluten and soy free. So, as you can see, this is brand has a high quality standard and is by far the cleanest I have found.

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After using these products for over six months, I have noticed major improvements in my overall skin complexion. My skin looks more plump, hydrated, smooth, even, and is almost completely blemish free!

The products that I have from RMS and stand by are: “Un”cover-up, Lips2cheeck and Master Mixer. I use these products daily and they have lasted me for this whole time! I love them so much and look forward to using them daily!

Here is my routine and how I use my RMS products:

After I wash my face and apply my face oil, I first apply the “Un” cover-up in the shade 22 to my whole face and under eyes using my middle or ring finger. For me, this works as my foundation and cover up in one. I find it to apply very smooth and even. It also gives me a nice and dewy look. If you don’t prefer this look, then I would recommend applying a power on top to take away some shine.

Next, I apply the Lips2Cheek in the shade Modest to my cheek bones and onto my lips with my ring finger. It gives me a nice flushed look without being too major. I have found that a little goes a long ways and your really needs to blend it in to make it look its best.

Then, I apply the Master Mixer onto my eyelids for a little pop using my ring finger. And sometimes, if I am really feeling it, I’ll apply it as a highlighter to my cheekbones and cupid’s bow.

Finally, I’ll apply my eyeliner in the shade black from W3ll People, a few coats of mascara from Pacifica, fill in my eyebrows with a brown pencil from Zuii’s, and I am good to go!

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This whole process take me 10-15 minutes max, and is so easy to do! I am by no means a beauty guru, but I am passionate about living a healthier life style. I also just wanted to share my favorite products with you and show what I do.

Let me know what you think, and if you want to see my other natural products I use daily!

How do you live consciously? Do you already use green products?

As awlays,

Have a great day!


Go. All. In.

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Doing anything halfway does no good, so just go. all. in.

When we give something (or someone) our full attention and focus, it helps us be more efficient and appreciate what it is we are actually doing. Weather it be for an extended period of time, like a year, or a shorter amount of time, like an hour, when we focus and go all in it makes the process of what we are doing more enjoyable and seamless.

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Staying on task is like a trained art that is learned through time. (at least for me, anyone else?!) Doing so takes dedication and perseverance, becasue it’s not easy. Distractions pop up, emergencies come, minds wonder and so on, and then, we start to forget what it even was we were doing in the first place, out of sight out of mind, right?! But, when we go all in and commit to what it is we are actually doing, the more successful we will be in the end.

Sometimes we just need to push ourselves outside our comfort zones and get a little comfortable with being uncomfortable. When we commit to something, we need to commit. No more of letting ourselves come up with excuses or getting sidetracked by another task we need to complete, no! We will start something and then finish it until the end, or until the day ends, same thing, right 🙂 ?!

Show up, be present and accounted for and commit, hard. No more of this over promised, over excused and overstated nonsense, we need to go. all. in. and show up 100% of the time.

When we actually show up, it makes us more reliable, more dependable and more trustworthy… and isn’t that what we should all be striving for anyways?!

Weather we are committing to people/plans, organizations, projects, or anything along those lines, we need to be there for them and for ourself. If we give someone, or ourselves, our word, we don’t want to fall through and disappoint them, so, going all in and committing to it 100% of the time is the best option.

Along those lines, if you have several passion projects, committees, jobs, and relationships that you are involved in (hello, me! I do!) that’s okay! I’m not saying we need to stop the others and only focus on one, what I mean is, when we are working on one thing, and have a big idea that relates to that one topic, then we need to give it our full attention at this time. This way we can give it all the time and energy that is needed to create the best outcome. Think of it more like an assembly line, work on one thing, and then move on to the next and so fourth. Sounds like an easy thing, right?

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And that’s another thing, time. We have it, need it, want more of it, and dwell on it. So if you want to start a passion project (aka side gig) then go for it and go. all. in. Forget what’s holding you back and just jump on in. There is no time like the present, and if you wait too long then your odds for finally starting it become smaller and smaller, so just start.

Forget the “norm”, forget the rules, forget others negativity, and forget about our own self doubts, just go. all. in. and hit the ground running. Become a trail blazer with flames coming off from behind you. Make others do a double take when you come walking by because you are so on fire 🔥

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Whatever encouragement or motivation you need, take it from me, you can do this! Weather it’s starting a new job, creating a business, starting a passion project, or whatever it is, get ready to pour your whole heart and soul into it because you are about to go. all. in.

When we commit, we commit and show up 100% of the time. We are reliable and dependable people who always give our best efforts. This time is ours, and our time is now. Go. All. In. 

How do you go all in? Do you have multiple things you are always working on? How do you set your time aside?

As always,

Have a great day!





Jumping Ahead of the Curve


Being self aware is a big undertaking. It’s hard to know what you want and how you want it, but once you get it, you really get it.

When we are self aware and know what we want, it’s easy for us to jump ahead of the curve and move through life a little quicker than the rest, and that’s okay! There is nothing wrong with it and we should actually be encouraging this more!

When we do things at our own pace and follow what’s most important to us, we know we are doing what’s best for us and our futures. No one gets it and understands it more than we do, so it can be a bit harder to explain, but just bite the bullet and go with it because there will always be those people watching from the sidelines encouraging you to slow down and just take your time, but how?! How can we just take our time and let it be when we already know what we want in life?! So I say don’t, don’t take your time (unless you want to, than do!). Run, walk or skip through life at the pace you want, not how someone tells you to!

There is no right or wrong way to go trough life, so following it like a benchmark is so unauthentic. I mean how boring is it to have the same story as everyone else: School to college, college to “real world”, then marriage, then family, and finally, retirement. I mean we would all have our own experiences through life making it a bit different, but, if we all have the same benchmarks, than it’s just like we are all living the same life. So, If you want to do something out of the norm, before it is the “norm”, just do it and do it with confidence.


Set goals for yourself and reach them! Reach them at any age or stage in your life you want to, and don’t let anyone tell you differently! Use their doubt as motivation and inspiration to keep pushing and going through what it is you want!

For example, if you are just starting out and want to invest your money before putting it towards other things, go for it! If you want to write a book and you’re only 21, go for it! If you want to start your own business and you’re only 19, go for it! Do whatever sets your soul on fire and makes YOU happy! There is no timeline that tells us when we can or can’t do things! Stand up for yourself, break society norms, and jump ahead of the curve!

But on the flip side, if you want to take a break and work before starting college, go for it! If you want to take a few extra years to get a degree and work while you are doing it, go for it! If you want to travel the world before starting out in the “real-world”(what ever that means anyways ;)), go for it! What’s so cool is we all have our own lives and we can live them any way we want to!


This life is meant for you and only you! Be selfish and do what makes you happy!

Yes, you will of doubters, un supporters and discouragers, BUT you will also have believers, supporters, and encouragers. Chose to focus on the latter, but use the first to motivate you to push through. There will be hard times, as there always are in life, were you will start to give up, but don’t! Just remind yourself why you started and what your end goal is. Never let lack of motivation get the best of you. Just shake it off and clear your head, it will all come back to you, and you will see why you began in the first place. Your interest and excitement will start up again, but sometimes a quick break can be good for the soul.

So follow your own rules, do things when you want to and make your own timeline.

Do you find yourself jumping ahead of the curve? What’s your biggest thing that you did as a “jump”? How did it make you feel?

As always,

Have a great day!


Judgment and how to detox from it

Judgment Detox

A few days ago Gabby Bernstein came out with a brand spanking NEW book, Judgment Detox. And you better believe I preordered this book months ago, and have been counting down the days ever since… the excitement was SO real.

If you haven’t heard of Gabby before, she is my all time idol. She is #SpiritualGoals and the writer of The Universe Has Your Back and many other books as well.

When I first read The Universe Has Your Back I was obsessed with it, and I still am! I have read it now three times, cover to cove no doubt, and I have a feeling this book will be no different. 😉

With this book being new, I have only read a little bit of it so far, but I have already learned SO much! In the first few pages I learned that we do indeed need judgment in our lives. We need judgment to determine when things are good or bad, and we need it to strengthen our intuition.We can never rid ourselves from it completely, but we can eliminate the negative judgment that takes us away from our center of love. I also learned that when we judge others and gossip about it with our friends, it gives us a little “high” and feeling of euphoria, making it an addictive habit and hard to break. It also makes us feel closer and more connected to the people we are sharing the gossip with, further encouraging the judgment cycle… So we need to make a change and detox from the negative judgment that is not serving us, and others in a positive way.

Judgment Detox3When trying to rid ourselves from judgment, the first thing we need to do is address ourselves. We need to get real and honest with ourselves and find what makes our judgment trigger and how we project that judgment either onto ourselves or others. After that is found, we also need to stop judging ourselves for how we judge. Yes, we need to confront the issue and get it to a point of freedom, but it all begins with being easy on ourselves and not getting mad about the little thoughts that pop into our heads. Progress is key, and anytime we judge ourselves we are taking two steps back.

So be easy on yourself, and learn to enjoy the process.

One exercise that Gabby had us do in the book, Judgment Detox, was to create a judgment list. On this list she had us to include “what and who am I judging”. Now this could be a certain type of person, event, or anything that gets your judgment going… whatever you feel needs to be on there, add it. Then, the next step is to write down how that judgment makes us feel, good or bad- and be honest with yourself because you’re the only one writing here, so no one will see it. After that, write down why you feel it’s okay to justify that judgment, again, be real and honest. And finally, write down what triggered you to have that judgment during your life time. In total, Gabby suggested to write down a list of 15, but I think it’s okay if you do more or less because this is your own list and you can customize it to how you see fit. You can also add to it when you find yourself thinking about another judgment that is not already on your list if you want.

Judgment Detox2

After creating this list, you are suppose to look back on it and see if there is a pattern or theme that triggers you judgment. If so, you are suppose to acknowledge it and be more mindful of how you react next time, but remember, don’t start judging yourself for how you judge. We are all human and have our own judgments, so it’s okay. The point of this list is to show us how much we judge without even knowing it, and it;s suppose to help guide us back into a state of mindfulness.

This is just one of the first exercises in the book that I had to share becasue my excitement is so high. I hope it helped you and that you are on your path to ridding your own judgment. If I find any other exercises throughout the book that are worth sharing, I’ll be sure to share them here.

How are you triggered by your judgment? Do you have any patterns? How do you plan to detox from it?

Until next time,

Have a great day!


January and 2018 Intentions

2018 and Jan Intentions

I have never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. They always seem to have too much hype and not enough support. They can kind of be impractical to hold all year long… We get excited to create them, only to forget about them a few weeks later when something else captures our attention. Then, when we stray from them, we get upset with ourselves for not following through and sticking to our plan. And really, the excitement dies down after the first month of the year…

But, by setting intentions for the year and at the beginning of each month, it helps us stay fresh and up to date with ourselves and our goals. It helps us focus more on the here and now, rather than what we’ll being doing for the next twelve months. Intentions are about enjoying the journey and staying mindful of what it is you want. There isn’t a timeline to follow, a deadline to meet, or impractical goal with the wrong idea.

Intentions are meant to help us be in the present while we aim for our future.

Last month my December intention was to focuses on intentional living. I would like to say I lived in that intention all month long and did my best to enjoy the process, but I didn’t. Things happen and it’s okay! I didn’t focus on it every day, but the majority of the days I did, and that’s what it’s all about. Our intentions aren’t meant for us to obsess or worry over, they are meant to be naturally incorporated into our everyday lives.

So, I am encouraging you to write down what you want your intention(s) for 2018 and January to be and incorporate them, organically, into your everyday life.


I am dedicating the year of 2018 to the intention of love. I want to surround myself with love, be with the people I love, do things I love, see people through the eyes of love, spread love, and find love.

This is going to be the year of love.

I already have these aspects of love in my life, but this year, I want to amplify it even more! So, I am setting the intention of love for the next twelve months (and beyond, because let’s be real, who doesn’t love love?!) and I am SO excited to see what happens and how my life with evolve moving forward. I guess we’ll have to wait and see 🙂


For January, I am setting the intention of welcoming newness into my life.

I want to welcome new experiences, new opportunities, new people, and the new year into my life with the biggest open arms ever! With it being the beginning of the year, and me starting new classes at school, there will be some change, and I want to welcome that change. I want to say “yes” to more people, and more things and experience life more.

This is going to be the month of welcoming.

I, and I think all of us, can easily become stuck in our ways and daily routines that we forget there is more out there. We kind of just get stuck in our little bubbles and overlook what’s on the other side. So, I want to challenge myself, and maybe you?!, to get really uncomfortable and break that up with some fun and refreshing newness. A new class, a new friend, a new experience, a new anything really!

I am SO beyond excited to see what 2018 and January has in store for all of us! I just know it is going to be a fantastic year and month! I can feel it, trust me! 😉

What are your January intentions? Have you ever successfully finished a New Years resolution list? How are you going to grow in 2018?

Have a great day!


P.S. in the picture above is my bestie Liz, check out her blog Remarkably Chic here!

10 things I learned in my first year of blogging

Ahq (63 of 112)_previewHOLY COW FRIENDS I have officially been blogging for one solid year now, how exciting is that?! I would just like to start off with a thank you! Thank you for sticking around and seeing what I have to post each and every week. I appreciate it more than you probably know! 🙂

In this wild ride of a year I have learned so much and have made so many great connections! I am so thankful for it all! Trying something new can be a challenge, but it’s always worth it in the end! For todays post, I thought it would be kind of fun to round up a few key things I learned throughout the year. And don’t worry, they aren’t only pertained to blogging, they fit life in general too!

Ahq (59 of 112)_previewSo, read on and enjoy! I am excited to see what the next year brings!

1. Stepping out of your comfort zone is exhilarating and rewarding! Creating this blog was my way of trying something new. I love following bloggers and always thought it would be fun to create one of my own, so I did! I am really putting myself out here and being vulnerable and real all the time, and you know what? it feels amazing! Try stepping out of your comfort zone sometime and see how it makes you feel! I bet you’ll feel more alive. 😉

2. When you really value and love something, you’ll make time for it, always. There have been countless times where I have put off writing my blog post for the week and waited until the last minute to do it. I often tell myself, “it’s okay if I skip this week, I don’t really need to post” but then after that, I realize that I actually do want to write and have a post go up. Even if it’s just writing a simple little post on Sunday night, I am still determined to have something go up. I love what I do so much that I want to stay accountable to myself and be in the right mindset! Find something you love and stick with it!

3. Stop caring about what others think and just do you! The second I stopped caring about what others thought of me was the second I started fully living my life. And really, the truth of the reality is no one is actually thinking of you in the way you think they are. Live your life for you and only you! Do things that make you happy and make you feel good! Block the haters out and surround yourself with the love and support you deserve!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for helpI wrote a whole post about this here, and it’s so true! We aren’t meant to do everything on our own. It’s more than okay to ask for help when you need it! And to go along with that, don’t be afraid to give help and to receive help from someone when they offer it, and remember, always say thank you! 😉

Ahq (64 of 112)_preview5. It’s okay to put yourself out there and talk about yourself. This kind of goes along with not caring what others think about you, but it relates more to sharing who you are and what your story is. Don’t get embarrassed to talk about yourself and what your passion, goals, and dreams are! The more you share your story the more people want to support you and cheer you on! But, more than anything, what ever you do, don’t ever put yourself down/ dumb yourself down. Own who you are and talk about the things you have accomplished that you have worked long and hard for, #GetItGirl! (and guy ;)) You deserve to get recognized and known for all your hard work, so don’t be afraid to talk about it when people ask! 🙂

6. Comparison kills. The grass is always greener on the other side, only as long as we are looking for it! Sure, it would be really easy for me to compare my blog to others but the thing is, I’m not them and they aren’t me. We are all on different journeys and we are right where we need to be. Same goes for everyone in general, keep your eyes on your prize and don’t compare yourself to others. There is nothing worse than comparing ourselves to others and then feeling down and out for who we are/ what we have. Comparison kills, so just don’t do it.

7. Trust your gut and listen to your first instinct. You know when you ask someone for an opinion and they say one thing but you really wanted them to say another, yeah that’s my point. Tune in and listen to yourself more often and see what you have to say. No one knows yourself better than you, so why not listen a little more? We always have an initial reaction to everything, so go with your gut and listen to your first instinct.

8. Be confident with who you are and love yourself! There is nothing more beautiful than holding yourself poise and walking with confidence. Be proud of who you are and hold that head up high, tell yourself that you are beautiful and lovable, and be you! Never be afraid to try out a new style, make a major life decision, or tell someone you love them. Do it all with confidence and you’ve got it down.

9.NEVER stop learning, growing, and challenging yourself. And no, not just learning in school. Read books, have a mentor, ask questions, try something new, challenge people, do your own research, create your own opinions, and don’t be afraid to say no. The best learning lessons come from mistakes of our own, so don’t be afraid to make those either! 😉

10. Learn to laugh at yourself! Laugh and just brush things off because life will go on, I promise! I have made A TON of spelling mistakes, grammar errors and what not and I so appreciate when someone lets me know. Rather than just getting embarrassed or mad at myself, I just laugh and continue on with my day. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not getting hung up on the little things. And same goes for when you are walking down the side walk and trip over your own feet, ha! Just smile and laugh it off! If anything, you made someone else smile for it too!

And there we have it! A fun little summary of a few things I learned in my first year of blogging! I hope you enjoyed thing post becasue it was a fun one to write and think about! And with the new year just beginning, a big and happy NEW YEAR to you! I wish you all the happiness and success in the world! I hope this is your biggest and best year ever and I mean it! And for now…

Have a great day!


And P.S. these are my beautiful friends who just happen to be my co-workers! We had a fun photoshoot the other day by the beautiful and talented Alice Hq Photography!