January and 2018 Intentions

2018 and Jan Intentions

I have never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. They always seem to have too much hype and not enough support. They can kind of be impractical to hold all year long… We get excited to create them, only to forget about them a few weeks later when something else captures our attention. Then, when we stray from them, we get upset with ourselves for not following through and sticking to our plan. And really, the excitement dies down after the first month of the year…

But, by setting intentions for the year and at the beginning of each month, it helps us stay fresh and up to date with ourselves and our goals. It helps us focus more on the here and now, rather than what we’ll being doing for the next twelve months. Intentions are about enjoying the journey and staying mindful of what it is you want. There isn’t a timeline to follow, a deadline to meet, or impractical goal with the wrong idea.

Intentions are meant to help us be in the present while we aim for our future.

Last month my December intention was to focuses on intentional living. I would like to say I lived in that intention all month long and did my best to enjoy the process, but I didn’t. Things happen and it’s okay! I didn’t focus on it every day, but the majority of the days I did, and that’s what it’s all about. Our intentions aren’t meant for us to obsess or worry over, they are meant to be naturally incorporated into our everyday lives.

So, I am encouraging you to write down what you want your intention(s) for 2018 and January to be and incorporate them, organically, into your everyday life.


I am dedicating the year of 2018 to the intention of love. I want to surround myself with love, be with the people I love, do things I love, see people through the eyes of love, spread love, and find love.

This is going to be the year of love.

I already have these aspects of love in my life, but this year, I want to amplify it even more! So, I am setting the intention of love for the next twelve months (and beyond, because let’s be real, who doesn’t love love?!) and I am SO excited to see what happens and how my life with evolve moving forward. I guess we’ll have to wait and see 🙂


For January, I am setting the intention of welcoming newness into my life.

I want to welcome new experiences, new opportunities, new people, and the new year into my life with the biggest open arms ever! With it being the beginning of the year, and me starting new classes at school, there will be some change, and I want to welcome that change. I want to say “yes” to more people, and more things and experience life more.

This is going to be the month of welcoming.

I, and I think all of us, can easily become stuck in our ways and daily routines that we forget there is more out there. We kind of just get stuck in our little bubbles and overlook what’s on the other side. So, I want to challenge myself, and maybe you?!, to get really uncomfortable and break that up with some fun and refreshing newness. A new class, a new friend, a new experience, a new anything really!

I am SO beyond excited to see what 2018 and January has in store for all of us! I just know it is going to be a fantastic year and month! I can feel it, trust me! 😉

What are your January intentions? Have you ever successfully finished a New Years resolution list? How are you going to grow in 2018?

Have a great day!


P.S. in the picture above is my bestie Liz, check out her blog Remarkably Chic here!


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