Judgment and how to detox from it

Judgment Detox

A few days ago Gabby Bernstein came out with a brand spanking NEW book, Judgment Detox. And you better believe I preordered this book months ago, and have been counting down the days ever since… the excitement was SO real.

If you haven’t heard of Gabby before, she is my all time idol. She is #SpiritualGoals and the writer of The Universe Has Your Back and many other books as well.

When I first read The Universe Has Your Back I was obsessed with it, and I still am! I have read it now three times, cover to cove no doubt, and I have a feeling this book will be no different. 😉

With this book being new, I have only read a little bit of it so far, but I have already learned SO much! In the first few pages I learned that we do indeed need judgment in our lives. We need judgment to determine when things are good or bad, and we need it to strengthen our intuition.We can never rid ourselves from it completely, but we can eliminate the negative judgment that takes us away from our center of love. I also learned that when we judge others and gossip about it with our friends, it gives us a little “high” and feeling of euphoria, making it an addictive habit and hard to break. It also makes us feel closer and more connected to the people we are sharing the gossip with, further encouraging the judgment cycle… So we need to make a change and detox from the negative judgment that is not serving us, and others in a positive way.

Judgment Detox3When trying to rid ourselves from judgment, the first thing we need to do is address ourselves. We need to get real and honest with ourselves and find what makes our judgment trigger and how we project that judgment either onto ourselves or others. After that is found, we also need to stop judging ourselves for how we judge. Yes, we need to confront the issue and get it to a point of freedom, but it all begins with being easy on ourselves and not getting mad about the little thoughts that pop into our heads. Progress is key, and anytime we judge ourselves we are taking two steps back.

So be easy on yourself, and learn to enjoy the process.

One exercise that Gabby had us do in the book, Judgment Detox, was to create a judgment list. On this list she had us to include “what and who am I judging”. Now this could be a certain type of person, event, or anything that gets your judgment going… whatever you feel needs to be on there, add it. Then, the next step is to write down how that judgment makes us feel, good or bad- and be honest with yourself because you’re the only one writing here, so no one will see it. After that, write down why you feel it’s okay to justify that judgment, again, be real and honest. And finally, write down what triggered you to have that judgment during your life time. In total, Gabby suggested to write down a list of 15, but I think it’s okay if you do more or less because this is your own list and you can customize it to how you see fit. You can also add to it when you find yourself thinking about another judgment that is not already on your list if you want.

Judgment Detox2

After creating this list, you are suppose to look back on it and see if there is a pattern or theme that triggers you judgment. If so, you are suppose to acknowledge it and be more mindful of how you react next time, but remember, don’t start judging yourself for how you judge. We are all human and have our own judgments, so it’s okay. The point of this list is to show us how much we judge without even knowing it, and it;s suppose to help guide us back into a state of mindfulness.

This is just one of the first exercises in the book that I had to share becasue my excitement is so high. I hope it helped you and that you are on your path to ridding your own judgment. If I find any other exercises throughout the book that are worth sharing, I’ll be sure to share them here.

How are you triggered by your judgment? Do you have any patterns? How do you plan to detox from it?

Until next time,

Have a great day!



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