Go. All. In.

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Doing anything halfway does no good, so just go. all. in.

When we give something (or someone) our full attention and focus, it helps us be more efficient and appreciate what it is we are actually doing. Weather it be for an extended period of time, like a year, or a shorter amount of time, like an hour, when we focus and go all in it makes the process of what we are doing more enjoyable and seamless.

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Staying on task is like a trained art that is learned through time. (at least for me, anyone else?!) Doing so takes dedication and perseverance, becasue it’s not easy. Distractions pop up, emergencies come, minds wonder and so on, and then, we start to forget what it even was we were doing in the first place, out of sight out of mind, right?! But, when we go all in and commit to what it is we are actually doing, the more successful we will be in the end.

Sometimes we just need to push ourselves outside our comfort zones and get a little comfortable with being uncomfortable. When we commit to something, we need to commit. No more of letting ourselves come up with excuses or getting sidetracked by another task we need to complete, no! We will start something and then finish it until the end, or until the day ends, same thing, right 🙂 ?!

Show up, be present and accounted for and commit, hard. No more of this over promised, over excused and overstated nonsense, we need to go. all. in. and show up 100% of the time.

When we actually show up, it makes us more reliable, more dependable and more trustworthy… and isn’t that what we should all be striving for anyways?!

Weather we are committing to people/plans, organizations, projects, or anything along those lines, we need to be there for them and for ourself. If we give someone, or ourselves, our word, we don’t want to fall through and disappoint them, so, going all in and committing to it 100% of the time is the best option.

Along those lines, if you have several passion projects, committees, jobs, and relationships that you are involved in (hello, me! I do!) that’s okay! I’m not saying we need to stop the others and only focus on one, what I mean is, when we are working on one thing, and have a big idea that relates to that one topic, then we need to give it our full attention at this time. This way we can give it all the time and energy that is needed to create the best outcome. Think of it more like an assembly line, work on one thing, and then move on to the next and so fourth. Sounds like an easy thing, right?

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And that’s another thing, time. We have it, need it, want more of it, and dwell on it. So if you want to start a passion project (aka side gig) then go for it and go. all. in. Forget what’s holding you back and just jump on in. There is no time like the present, and if you wait too long then your odds for finally starting it become smaller and smaller, so just start.

Forget the “norm”, forget the rules, forget others negativity, and forget about our own self doubts, just go. all. in. and hit the ground running. Become a trail blazer with flames coming off from behind you. Make others do a double take when you come walking by because you are so on fire 🔥

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Whatever encouragement or motivation you need, take it from me, you can do this! Weather it’s starting a new job, creating a business, starting a passion project, or whatever it is, get ready to pour your whole heart and soul into it because you are about to go. all. in.

When we commit, we commit and show up 100% of the time. We are reliable and dependable people who always give our best efforts. This time is ours, and our time is now. Go. All. In. 

How do you go all in? Do you have multiple things you are always working on? How do you set your time aside?

As always,

Have a great day!






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