Nontoxic Beauty

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I am very passionate about going green, eating organic, reducing waste and so on.. but one thing that I have recently switched over from conventional to natural was my beauty routine, and man! has it made the biggest difference to my skin! I am now using completely natural products, everything from my face wash, to my mascara, it’s all natural and I love it!

A little back story to begin with, in August I was on a mission to clear my skin and get it under control. I was willing to try almost anything, and then, my friend suggested I change up my makeup and go nontoxic, and I said okay!

Before I made the switch, I did a lot of research and found the most interesting, and kind of disturbing, information in regards to make up and what it is we are actually putting on our skin. I’ll share some info below:

  • In one year, on average, we absorb over 7 pounds of toxins through our skin. Think conventional body wash, lotion, scented oils, hairspray, nail polish and so on…
  • 85-95% of all cancers can be traced to diet and chemical exposure through the air and contact through skin.
  • It’s estimated that we apply over 100 chemicals to ourselves daily if using conventional products.
  • Hormones can be tampered with, with the use of synthetic dyes, scents, phthalates and other chemicals. Causing reproductive issues, hormone imbalances and breast cancer.
  • Our skin absorbs everything that we put onto it, and it gets absorbed into our blood stream.

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For more information and to read it yourself, I found this information here and here.

I strongly encourage you to do some research of your own, don’t just take my word for it. Learn about it, look into it and find out for yourself!

Some great books on this topic are: Eat Pretty, by Jolene Heart, Women Code, by Alisa Vitti, and Goop Clean Beauty, by the editors of Goop.

A great app that I use daily to see how safe products are is, Think Dirt, and it’s free!

Finding all this information out was enough for me to make the switch and go completely all natural. I chose to do this all in one go, but if you wanted to, you could gradually switch out one item at a time and work your way up to an all natural beauty routine.

The makeup products that I have found and have fallen in love with are from the brand RMS Beauty. It is an all natural line that uses cold pressed organic raw virgin coconut oil for the base in most of its products, is free from harmful chemicals, and actually helps improve your skin.

The products have intact elements from the coconut oil such as: vitamin E, enzymes, and antioxidants. What this means is that using these products help clear skin, rewind aging skin, and give the overall look and feel of healthier skin. There is also live lauric acid which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial, leading to even more healthier and hydrated skin.

All products are also certified organic, non GMO, nano free, and non comedogenic meaning they won’t cause breakouts, rashes, or dehydration. They are also gluten and soy free. So, as you can see, this is brand has a high quality standard and is by far the cleanest I have found.

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After using these products for over six months, I have noticed major improvements in my overall skin complexion. My skin looks more plump, hydrated, smooth, even, and is almost completely blemish free!

The products that I have from RMS and stand by are: “Un”cover-up, Lips2cheeck and Master Mixer. I use these products daily and they have lasted me for this whole time! I love them so much and look forward to using them daily!

Here is my routine and how I use my RMS products:

After I wash my face and apply my face oil, I first apply the “Un” cover-up in the shade 22 to my whole face and under eyes using my middle or ring finger. For me, this works as my foundation and cover up in one. I find it to apply very smooth and even. It also gives me a nice and dewy look. If you don’t prefer this look, then I would recommend applying a power on top to take away some shine.

Next, I apply the Lips2Cheek in the shade Modest to my cheek bones and onto my lips with my ring finger. It gives me a nice flushed look without being too major. I have found that a little goes a long ways and your really needs to blend it in to make it look its best.

Then, I apply the Master Mixer onto my eyelids for a little pop using my ring finger. And sometimes, if I am really feeling it, I’ll apply it as a highlighter to my cheekbones and cupid’s bow.

Finally, I’ll apply my eyeliner in the shade black from W3ll People, a few coats of mascara from Pacifica, fill in my eyebrows with a brown pencil from Zuii’s, and I am good to go!

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This whole process take me 10-15 minutes max, and is so easy to do! I am by no means a beauty guru, but I am passionate about living a healthier life style. I also just wanted to share my favorite products with you and show what I do.

Let me know what you think, and if you want to see my other natural products I use daily!

How do you live consciously? Do you already use green products?

As awlays,

Have a great day!



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