Breaking the Cliché


Clichés… they tend to be frowned upon, but I say why? Why should we limit ourselves just because of others preconceived notions? If we really want to do something and we don’t do it because of others and what they think, than we are blocking ourselves out and not living up to what it is we want to do.

There seems to be this negative stigma that posting selfies on social media is a major cliché, and the people who post them are self absorbed… but I’d think to think differently than that.

My theory is if we have a picture that we love and are proud of, we should be able to post it without any hesitation. We should just forget about what others have to say or think and do it! If we want to post it, we should post it!

Our social media is exactly that, ours. Everyone has their own freewill and can decide what they want to do and not do. Meaning, if we want to post something we should post it, if they want to follow or unfollow us, that’s up to them.

In addition to that, however, we should use our platforms as a force for good and to inspire others. We all have to ability to empower people through your words and action, so help uplift others to be who they are and love the skin they are in. We are all capable of this, not just a select few, I promise!

And trust me, it’s not a game of who is the prettiest or who can pose the best, it’s about sharing a picture that we love and feel good in, or at least it should be anyways. When we are comfortable in our own skin and love who we are, we aren’t trying to get instant gratification from other, we are simply just sharing ourselves and our lives with others. And when we use it as a force for good we are helping and inspiring others too, so why not give it a go?

BreakingTheCliche2Personally, I love sharing photos unedited, like the ones here, becasue they are transparent and show the real me. I accept and love all the “flaws” that make me, me. The acne scars, the fly away hairs, the uneven skin tone and all, bring it on! If it makes me, me, and creates who I am, then I love it and am thankful for it.

And believe me, I completely get it! Body positivity is hard. It’s all too easy for us to open up our social media apps and compare ourselves to others, but we need to end that bad habit now. I believe that most of us play this harsh mind game with ourselves because we are our own biggest critics and worst victims. Bummer, right?!

The people we see all over social media are edited and “perfected”, so it’s not like we are seeing the “real” them to begin with, we are just seeing them as they want us to see them. And trust me, almost no one has a perfectly symmetrical face, identical eyebrows, crystal clear skin, and so on… What I am trying to get at is we are all perfect and created to be just the way we are!

Love the skin your in and be proud of it!


So today I am challenging you to starting loving yourself and all that makes you, you! Start noticing all the little things that make you unique and different. Be transparent with yourself and others and don’t try to hide behind your own skin. Know you are perfect and created just they way you are meant to be because you are perfect as you!

I am also challenging you to share your story and post a selfie, or any other picture you feel amazing in, on social media and use the hashtag #breakingthecliché (breaking the cliché). I want to hear from YOU and hear your story! I want to know want makes you unique, what you have learned to love about yourself, what your journey with self love has been, or anything else you want to share, even if you just want to use the hashtag that works too! So, great ready to get down and dirty and share your vulnerable side, and bonus points because it shows people you’re human too.

Remember to use the hashtag and tag me (@petite.serendipity on IG and @PetiteSerendipity on FB) in it too, because I want to hear from YOU!

What makes you unique? How do you show yourself self love?

As always,

Have a great day!



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