Keeping it Real

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Lately, I’ve just been trying to keep it real. I’m trying to keep it real with myself, with my friends, and with anyone and anything.

I’m trying to be more transparent, genuine, and realistic with all my might, and here is what I’ve found so far…

I have came to the realization that I used to be a very closed off person. I wasn’t one to express all my thoughts, opinions, and feelings to others, and quite frankly, I used to blush in the face and turn as red as a tomato if I had to be up front with someone and tell them what was really on my mind. I don’t know why, how, or when that started for me, but I can successfully say, I am almost beyond that point! Yippee, a little victory for me!

Now, I actually find myself wanting to tell people how I am feel and what’s going on in my mind. I feel more open to express myself and talk about things that are going on with me. I mean, I still have a filter by all means, so I chose my words wisely and carefully, but I still keep it real and say what’s up and what’s on my mind.

I also have came to the realization that I used to be only open and candid with the ones I’m closes to, but now, I feel the same way with people I have met two minutes ago, as I do with my long time friends. And I think I came to comfortability with people because I am finally confident with myself as a person, and comfortable in new situations. I have also learned to accept all my quirks and habits, because they make me me, and I am proud of who I am.

With all that said though, I am always always trying to grow and evolve as a person, but, that does not stem from me feeling broken, because none of us are broken or need to be “fixed”. We are all unique individuals with our own experiences, purposes, and paths… and how could we even “fix” something if it wasn’t broken to begin with? So what I have been aiming for is growth, not perfection.

So today, I am encouraging you to just keep it real, really real. Keep it real with yourself, your co-workers, your friends, your family and all others. Tell them what’s up and what’s on your mind. You deserve to be heard, and you deserve to be accounted for. Your feelings and opinions matter, so make them heard! Try to recognize how you are feeling and how you interact with different people differently. Notice if there is a way for you to develop more of a comfortability with others to allow yourself the true freedom you deserve. Dig deep and find the comfort in your own skin, because it’s there, we all have it, and I know you can find it!

How do you keep it real? Do you close yourself off? How are you trying to grow?

As always,

Have a great day!



Patience Please

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Being patient is hard, like really hard. Especially when we already know exactly what we want, and how we want it. And when we have to wait for it, it’s no fun… But one thing I’ve recently learned is that being patient helps us settle into our feelings more, and helps us uncover what it is we are actually looking for.

In this time of limbo while we are waiting, we are able to discover the bigger picture and pinpoint what it is exactly we looking for. It could be a feeling, desire or identity, but whatever it is, we are looking for it, and trying to fulfill it. For example: If it’s a boyfriend, maybe the thing we are actually looking for is more love in our life. If it’s a new job, maybe we want more security to surround us. If it’s moving to a different part of the country, maybe it’s adventure we are seeking. It’s less about the thing, and more about the meaning behind the thing.

While we are patiently waiting, what we should be doing is focusing on those specific feelings and attracting them into our lives. Our energy should be directed towards bringing in more love, security, adventure, and so on and welcoming them into our lives with open arms. Doing so will help us ride out the patience wave until our manifestations become our reality. It will keep us occupied, focused and dedicated to staying on track and really committing to what it is we are waiting for.

Although we might not be seeing our dreams becoming our reality yet, it is important that we understand that the Universe is working on them, and they will become our reality when the timing is right. And that’s just it, the timing of everything is not in our control, so we just need to give our all up to the Universe and find comfort in the unforeseen, and it’s important to not get discouraged.

It’s hard when we have no control over something we feel so strongly about, but it sure is humbling. It reminds us that we are all human and that not everything will workout exactly how and when we want it. It’s because someone (aka the Universe) has bigger and better plan for all of us. So kick that discouragement to the curb and find your power from within. Make this waiting game fun and focus on yourself!

Like mentioned earlier, we should focus on bringing in those feelings into our lives, and on top of that, start focusing on ourselves. Start getting selfish (in a good way, of course) and do things to better ourselves. This way, when the times does finally come, we are 110% ready and good to go!


We can take this time to focus on our health, wealth, relationships, and overall wellbeing. This time could also be used to workout, experiment in the kitchen with new recipes, make new friends, meditate, take up a new hobby, and get some r&r. Time should be used to our advantage so we can find our power!

And when we finally get what it is we’ve been patiently waiting for, it’s a surreal and magical moment. It’s at this point when we finally understand why we held out so long and are so glad we did. It’s a special moment and something we will want to cherish forever.

The waiting game is never fun, but we can make it more enjoyable. So get ready to start riding the patience wave out, and using the time to understand the bigger picture and to better ourselves, and what ever we do, we can’t get discouraged or give up. Our time will come, exactly when it is needed, and then, we will finally understand everything.

Do you find yourself getting impatient? What have you had to wait for? How do you deal with being patient?

As always,

Have a great day!


Show Your Emotions

I wear my heart on my sleeve and show any and every emotion that I am going through.

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When you can’t put into words how you’re feeling, or let alone find the right words, sometimes all we can do it shed a tear or two to express our emotions. Lately I have been getting teary eyed, but not because of despair, but because of pure and utter happiness. Right now, in this moment of time, my heart is so full of love, happiness, excitement and joy. I truly have no other way to express or show it other than shed a few happy tears now and agin.

I sometimes can’t even believe I have the life I do, I think I’ll wake up one day and it will all be over. I am so beyond blessed and grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life. At times I feel so undeserving of all the people and things that surround me because I don’t feel worthy enough for them, but then I remember that they wouldn’t be in my life if I wasn’t, and that it’s just a silly thought to begin with.

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This life that we are all living is meant to be so pure and so full of emotion. We should all be expressing ourselves to others and showing them how we feel.

Joy, love, happiness, contentment, and compassion is what we should all be feeling. I want us to all be living our best lives and feeling all of these emotions.

I hope if you aren’t feeling this way at this time that you do one day soon. We all deserve a beautiful and blessed life where there are are no limits, no restrictions, and no social quotas. We all deserve to love our lives to the point where we could burst of pure happiness and joy.

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I think emotions can get a bad rap sometimes, especially when we show our emotions to others… but this isn’t how it should be. We should all feel free to express ourselves and show others how we are feeling. It doesn’t make us “unstable” or over emotional, we are just living in the moment and being raw and vulnerable.

We are being present and just living.

Some of us have so many barriers up that we couldn’t even express any emotions if we tried, and that’s okay. It might take some practice and trial runs, but what’s important is, we just need to be are ourselves and be personable to others.

So, find your emotions and express them. If you need to shed a tear or happiness, do it. If you need to burst out laughing on the floor, do it. If you need to cry of disappointment and lock yourself in your room for a minute, do it. How ever you need to convey them, just do it (but in a healthy and safe way)

Emotions. We all have them and need to learn how to show them. So find yours and make them known.

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How do you show your emotions? Have you felt discouraged to show your emotions before?

As always,

Have a great day!


20 Things I learned in 20 Years

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7305 days, 20 trips around the sun and 2 decades… Today I finally turn 20 and I can’t even begin to express my emotions to you. I am so happy and so over the moon excited, but at the same time, a little part of me will miss 19.

19 has been the most pivotal year in my life so far. So many wonderful things happened, that I don’t even know where to begin. For starters, I started my blog, switched schools, got the best job ever, found my soul sisters, and learned a crazy ton about myself. 19 was a wild ride, and I loved every moment of it, but I am even more excited for bigger and better things in this year to come.

To me, I believe 20 to be the most defining decade. So many amazing things are suppose to happen in your 20s like graduation, getting a “real job”, finding your spouse, and so on. I can’t wait for all of these amazing things to happen to me, so with that said…

Bring it on! because I am ready!

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As a celebratory b-day post, I thought it would be fun to share some major lessons I have learned so far in my 20 years. These all came to me in the form of personal experiences or life lessons. Life so far for me has had it’s own ups and down, but I have learned to appreciate them all because they make me up and create who I am. Anything in life can be seen as a lesson, and that is exactly how I choose to see it.

Okay, are you ready? Here we go!

  1. Take care of yourself: Wowza, this has been a big one this past year. I had to learn hard and fast that you need to take care of yourself and put yourself before others to truly be healthy, happy, and centered. If you don’t practice this already you need to. It shouldn’t even be on option.
  2. Love yourself: Again, this was something that I really learned this past year. I think we all struggle with body image and body positivity in some form or another and this is something we need to change. We are walking miracles and we need to acknowledge that! We need to start loving ourselves for who we are, and not who we want to be. We need to find self love in order to be at peace with all that is around us.
  3. Heal broken relationship with a simple “I’m sorry”: It really is that easy. It doesn’t have to be this big elaborate thing. If you want to heal any relationship a simple “I’m sorry” will do. Doing this helps us move on and refocus and recenter our lives. If we want to be complete and free of guilt it is necessary for us to forgive, own up to what happened, and move on. I know it might be hard, but it only takes a few second and then you are on your way.
  4. Be open to, and ask for feedback: There is always room for improvement and growth. Take any opportunity you can to learn and expand yourself. Ask anyone that you are close, to or work with, how you can become better. And actually accept and acknowledge what they have to say. It might not be what you want to hear, but it might be what you need to hear.
  5. Positivity is a choice and way of life, always find the bright side: It’s as simple as that. Just choose to see the bright side in any situation and you are bound for success.
  6. In order to feel free we need to give our worries, fears, and doubts up to the Universe and just trust and have faith that everything will all be taken care of: This is something that is still very hard for me to do, but I am getting better and better every day.
  7. Fuel your body with the right foods and plenty of water to be your healthiest self: I truly feel at my best when I am eating the right foods for both my body and my health. When I eat right and drink plenty of water, I feel like I am radiating and have an abundant amount of energy. It is so important to nourish our bodies with the right things, I could go on and on, but I’ll save that for another day.
  8. Be present and put the phone down: When someone is talking to you, look them in the eyes and engage in the conversation. Be present and show them they are being heard. Our time is the most valuable thing that we have, and when we get to share it with other people, it is more meaningful.
  9. Surround yourself with the most positive and uplifting people: We have no time for negativity, plain and simple. If you want to live your best life and be surround by others who want the same things as you, then find them. Make changes in your life if you need to find your people. Optimism is contagious and it spreads. When you are around these people, you’ll be like that too.
  10. Anything you set your mind to, you CAN do: Don’t doubt yourself and be your own biggest cheer leader, and don’t give up. It takes will power and stamina, but just keep going.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
  11. Learn to say “You’re welcome”: This was something I really learned to value this year. I always just used to say “No problem” but saying “You’re welcome” is more empowering and tells the other person that you heard them and respect them. And, they never implied it to be a problem to begin with, so why should we even consider it to be one?
  12. Be open to receiving gifts and don’t play it down: When someone gets you something because it made them think of you, be grateful and say thank you. Don’t say “you shouldn’t have” or  “oh I don’t deserve that”. Accept the gift and tell them how much you appreciate it. And it’s not polite to durn it down.
  13.  Give as much as you receive: Give your love, time, presence, and power. Use your skills to help others. Pay it forward and buy someone a nice little gift, even if it’s just a coffee or tea. It means a lot to others and it shows them you care.
  14. Start paying off your bills as soon, and as much as, you can: Whoa baby major life lesson here! I currently am a student so I have that debt that I need to pay off along with a few other bills and it is really teaching me to finance and budget. No one likes paying interest, so just start paying it now. Even if it’s just a little, it adds up to make a big difference.
  15. Let others help you: We weren’t put on this earth to do everything alone. Accept help from others and tell them thank you. Accept help in all aspect of your life and admit it to others when you need the help.
  16. Pets are friends too: Haha you might laugh at me for this one but it is so true! We all think that we have the cutest pets alive (which we do!) and it’s time we actually start giving them the love and attention they need. Think of them as tiny humans who have thoughts and feelings that need to be tended to too.
  17. Tell people what’s on your mind: Express your thoughts, feelings and emotions to others. Have an open communication channel that goes both ways. There is nothing worse then wanting to talk to someone and get something off of your chest, but they just don’t listen or pay attention to you.
  18. Take a leap of faith and try something new or outside of your comfort zone: I know we all hear this so much, but it really is true. Without trying new things we don’t have the chance or opportunity to grow and evolve. And, how could we possibly know if we like something or not if we don’t even try?
  19. Laugh more than you cry: Life will always have its own ups and downs but it’s more important to remember the ups. Take value in the good times and learn to treasure them for all you have. But on the other hand, take the low times as a learning lesson and see how you can grow from them.
  20. Receive love and give love: Ahh love, the four letter magical word that we all need a little more of. Love yourself, show love to others, and be open to receiving love from others. I am dedicating 2018 to the year of love, and I am loving it so far 😉 Don’t limit yourself and just encompass your whole life with love.

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Ah and there we have it. 20 things that I learned in 20 years. I hope that you where able to take something valuable from this list and are able to apply it to your own life some how. Thank you for coming on today and sharing a little time with me on my birthday. I am so grateful for you and all of your continuous support.

And for now, as always

Have a great day!



February Intentions

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Yay!! It’s finally the month of February and I couldn’t be more excited!! Out of all the months in the year, February is by far my most favorite, and I mean it! A few reasons as to why I love it so much: 1) it’s my birthday month, yay!! I am finally turning 20 and I am so over the moon excited!! My birthday is on the 10th so be on the lookout for a fun post on Saturday! 2) it’s the month of love and we all already know that I am dedicating 2018 to the year of love💕 3) everything is decorated in pink and it makes my heart exploded because it’s so happy. I love the color pink and just looking at it makes me instantly happy, it’s actually kind of crazy haha!

With all that said, I truly am so excited to be in my favorite month of the year, and I have a really good feeling that sooo many amazing this are about to happen!

As a quick overview, my main intention for January was to welcome newness into my life, and I feel as though I did a pretty good job at that. I started class again after a month long winter break, started challenging myself more on social media, took on a new job (you can now find me as a spin instructor, oh yeah!!) and went to so many different events and met some pretty amazing people. January was a very long, but great month!

Now onto my intentions for this month:

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For February, I am setting the intention of releasing my control and worries.

This month I am doing several things that I am going to have no control over and it can kind of be scary to think about. I am traveling a lot, spending time away from my usual routine that is oh so normal and familiar to me, and stepping way out of my comfort zone. Some things are also coming to me in the form of surprises, which makes me really practice my releasing of control, but these are all good things! I am excited to experience each and every one of these events this month, and I am so looking forward to all of the outcomes and memories.

This month I want to be free of worry, free of overthinking, free of planing everything down to the last detail, and free of self judgment. I just want to live this month and be freeI want to accept all the spontaneity and free flowing plans. I want to not overthink what I am doing and just go with it and have FUN!

This month I will be free of control and will be free of worries.

I don’t consider myself to be a Type A person, and not that anything is wrong with that, but lately, I have been noticing myself wanting to know all the details about anything and everything. I have also been getting frustrated when something doesn’t go how it was originally supposed to. And I get it, these are all normal tendencies, but I just want to keep it in check and keep it from going beyond this point.

I, and I think all of us, can so easily get caught up in the details of everything that we forget the purpose of what it is we are actually doing. We get so worried and anxious about our plans, where we are going, how we look, what other people are thinking about us, and how everything is going to go that we just forget to have fun and be in the moment. This months we should all challenge ourselves to be more free.

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I am ready to live in this month’s intentions and see how it all pans out. I’ll report back with an update to tell you all how it goes March 😉

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Do you have a favorite month? What are your intentions for February?

As always,

Have a great day!