February Intentions

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Yay!! It’s finally the month of February and I couldn’t be more excited!! Out of all the months in the year, February is by far my most favorite, and I mean it! A few reasons as to why I love it so much: 1) it’s my birthday month, yay!! I am finally turning 20 and I am so over the moon excited!! My birthday is on the 10th so be on the lookout for a fun post on Saturday! 2) it’s the month of love and we all already know that I am dedicating 2018 to the year of love💕 3) everything is decorated in pink and it makes my heart exploded because it’s so happy. I love the color pink and just looking at it makes me instantly happy, it’s actually kind of crazy haha!

With all that said, I truly am so excited to be in my favorite month of the year, and I have a really good feeling that sooo many amazing this are about to happen!

As a quick overview, my main intention for January was to welcome newness into my life, and I feel as though I did a pretty good job at that. I started class again after a month long winter break, started challenging myself more on social media, took on a new job (you can now find me as a spin instructor, oh yeah!!) and went to so many different events and met some pretty amazing people. January was a very long, but great month!

Now onto my intentions for this month:

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For February, I am setting the intention of releasing my control and worries.

This month I am doing several things that I am going to have no control over and it can kind of be scary to think about. I am traveling a lot, spending time away from my usual routine that is oh so normal and familiar to me, and stepping way out of my comfort zone. Some things are also coming to me in the form of surprises, which makes me really practice my releasing of control, but these are all good things! I am excited to experience each and every one of these events this month, and I am so looking forward to all of the outcomes and memories.

This month I want to be free of worry, free of overthinking, free of planing everything down to the last detail, and free of self judgment. I just want to live this month and be freeI want to accept all the spontaneity and free flowing plans. I want to not overthink what I am doing and just go with it and have FUN!

This month I will be free of control and will be free of worries.

I don’t consider myself to be a Type A person, and not that anything is wrong with that, but lately, I have been noticing myself wanting to know all the details about anything and everything. I have also been getting frustrated when something doesn’t go how it was originally supposed to. And I get it, these are all normal tendencies, but I just want to keep it in check and keep it from going beyond this point.

I, and I think all of us, can so easily get caught up in the details of everything that we forget the purpose of what it is we are actually doing. We get so worried and anxious about our plans, where we are going, how we look, what other people are thinking about us, and how everything is going to go that we just forget to have fun and be in the moment. This months we should all challenge ourselves to be more free.

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I am ready to live in this month’s intentions and see how it all pans out. I’ll report back with an update to tell you all how it goes March 😉

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Do you have a favorite month? What are your intentions for February?

As always,

Have a great day!



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