Show Your Emotions

I wear my heart on my sleeve and show any and every emotion that I am going through.

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When you can’t put into words how you’re feeling, or let alone find the right words, sometimes all we can do it shed a tear or two to express our emotions. Lately I have been getting teary eyed, but not because of despair, but because of pure and utter happiness. Right now, in this moment of time, my heart is so full of love, happiness, excitement and joy. I truly have no other way to express or show it other than shed a few happy tears now and agin.

I sometimes can’t even believe I have the life I do, I think I’ll wake up one day and it will all be over. I am so beyond blessed and grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life. At times I feel so undeserving of all the people and things that surround me because I don’t feel worthy enough for them, but then I remember that they wouldn’t be in my life if I wasn’t, and that it’s just a silly thought to begin with.

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This life that we are all living is meant to be so pure and so full of emotion. We should all be expressing ourselves to others and showing them how we feel.

Joy, love, happiness, contentment, and compassion is what we should all be feeling. I want us to all be living our best lives and feeling all of these emotions.

I hope if you aren’t feeling this way at this time that you do one day soon. We all deserve a beautiful and blessed life where there are are no limits, no restrictions, and no social quotas. We all deserve to love our lives to the point where we could burst of pure happiness and joy.

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I think emotions can get a bad rap sometimes, especially when we show our emotions to others… but this isn’t how it should be. We should all feel free to express ourselves and show others how we are feeling. It doesn’t make us “unstable” or over emotional, we are just living in the moment and being raw and vulnerable.

We are being present and just living.

Some of us have so many barriers up that we couldn’t even express any emotions if we tried, and that’s okay. It might take some practice and trial runs, but what’s important is, we just need to be are ourselves and be personable to others.

So, find your emotions and express them. If you need to shed a tear or happiness, do it. If you need to burst out laughing on the floor, do it. If you need to cry of disappointment and lock yourself in your room for a minute, do it. How ever you need to convey them, just do it (but in a healthy and safe way)

Emotions. We all have them and need to learn how to show them. So find yours and make them known.

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How do you show your emotions? Have you felt discouraged to show your emotions before?

As always,

Have a great day!



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