Patience Please

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Being patient is hard, like really hard. Especially when we already know exactly what we want, and how we want it. And when we have to wait for it, it’s no fun… But one thing I’ve recently learned is that being patient helps us settle into our feelings more, and helps us uncover what it is we are actually looking for.

In this time of limbo while we are waiting, we are able to discover the bigger picture and pinpoint what it is exactly we looking for. It could be a feeling, desire or identity, but whatever it is, we are looking for it, and trying to fulfill it. For example: If it’s a boyfriend, maybe the thing we are actually looking for is more love in our life. If it’s a new job, maybe we want more security to surround us. If it’s moving to a different part of the country, maybe it’s adventure we are seeking. It’s less about the thing, and more about the meaning behind the thing.

While we are patiently waiting, what we should be doing is focusing on those specific feelings and attracting them into our lives. Our energy should be directed towards bringing in more love, security, adventure, and so on and welcoming them into our lives with open arms. Doing so will help us ride out the patience wave until our manifestations become our reality. It will keep us occupied, focused and dedicated to staying on track and really committing to what it is we are waiting for.

Although we might not be seeing our dreams becoming our reality yet, it is important that we understand that the Universe is working on them, and they will become our reality when the timing is right. And that’s just it, the timing of everything is not in our control, so we just need to give our all up to the Universe and find comfort in the unforeseen, and it’s important to not get discouraged.

It’s hard when we have no control over something we feel so strongly about, but it sure is humbling. It reminds us that we are all human and that not everything will workout exactly how and when we want it. It’s because someone (aka the Universe) has bigger and better plan for all of us. So kick that discouragement to the curb and find your power from within. Make this waiting game fun and focus on yourself!

Like mentioned earlier, we should focus on bringing in those feelings into our lives, and on top of that, start focusing on ourselves. Start getting selfish (in a good way, of course) and do things to better ourselves. This way, when the times does finally come, we are 110% ready and good to go!


We can take this time to focus on our health, wealth, relationships, and overall wellbeing. This time could also be used to workout, experiment in the kitchen with new recipes, make new friends, meditate, take up a new hobby, and get some r&r. Time should be used to our advantage so we can find our power!

And when we finally get what it is we’ve been patiently waiting for, it’s a surreal and magical moment. It’s at this point when we finally understand why we held out so long and are so glad we did. It’s a special moment and something we will want to cherish forever.

The waiting game is never fun, but we can make it more enjoyable. So get ready to start riding the patience wave out, and using the time to understand the bigger picture and to better ourselves, and what ever we do, we can’t get discouraged or give up. Our time will come, exactly when it is needed, and then, we will finally understand everything.

Do you find yourself getting impatient? What have you had to wait for? How do you deal with being patient?

As always,

Have a great day!



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