Keeping it Real

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Lately, I’ve just been trying to keep it real. I’m trying to keep it real with myself, with my friends, and with anyone and anything.

I’m trying to be more transparent, genuine, and realistic with all my might, and here is what I’ve found so far…

I have came to the realization that I used to be a very closed off person. I wasn’t one to express all my thoughts, opinions, and feelings to others, and quite frankly, I used to blush in the face and turn as red as a tomato if I had to be up front with someone and tell them what was really on my mind. I don’t know why, how, or when that started for me, but I can successfully say, I am almost beyond that point! Yippee, a little victory for me!

Now, I actually find myself wanting to tell people how I am feel and what’s going on in my mind. I feel more open to express myself and talk about things that are going on with me. I mean, I still have a filter by all means, so I chose my words wisely and carefully, but I still keep it real and say what’s up and what’s on my mind.

I also have came to the realization that I used to be only open and candid with the ones I’m closes to, but now, I feel the same way with people I have met two minutes ago, as I do with my long time friends. And I think I came to comfortability with people because I am finally confident with myself as a person, and comfortable in new situations. I have also learned to accept all my quirks and habits, because they make me me, and I am proud of who I am.

With all that said though, I am always always trying to grow and evolve as a person, but, that does not stem from me feeling broken, because none of us are broken or need to be “fixed”. We are all unique individuals with our own experiences, purposes, and paths… and how could we even “fix” something if it wasn’t broken to begin with? So what I have been aiming for is growth, not perfection.

So today, I am encouraging you to just keep it real, really real. Keep it real with yourself, your co-workers, your friends, your family and all others. Tell them what’s up and what’s on your mind. You deserve to be heard, and you deserve to be accounted for. Your feelings and opinions matter, so make them heard! Try to recognize how you are feeling and how you interact with different people differently. Notice if there is a way for you to develop more of a comfortability with others to allow yourself the true freedom you deserve. Dig deep and find the comfort in your own skin, because it’s there, we all have it, and I know you can find it!

How do you keep it real? Do you close yourself off? How are you trying to grow?

As always,

Have a great day!



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