Outfits from December

The end of December is upon us and 2018 is almost here! And here we are with our last and final monthly outfit post for the year! Crazy how fast time flies when you are having fun and just living your life 🙂

For me, December was filled with killer outfits, fun events, spending time with friends and family and celebrating Christmas, of course! It was filled with everything that I just love, and what a perfect way to end the year!

Below I have included a few of my favorite outfits from this past month that I wanted to share. Some looks may have made the blog previoulsy, or IG, and some are new. So take a look and get inspired to create a fun, new outfit of your own.

Enjoy and I’ll be back in the new year!🎉


At the beginning of the month I got to attend the Fire and Ice Ball. It was so much fun and such an amazing experience! If you ever get the chance to go, go! For the night I wore this lovely Express dress that I had in my closet from one of my high school formals. It worked out perfectly and made me happy that I didn’t pervasively sell all my  formal dresses! It’s a pretty simple and classy dress with a satin fabric and slit down the middle. I love it so much and felt comfortable in it all night!


I got to work one day and wasn’t completely feeling my outfit, so what do I do?! I throw a scarf on, belt it, and bam! a whole new outfit is created! As a base underneath I have a long sleeve tunic and gray lace skirt that is peeking out at the bottom. I also paired it with my favorite, and only if we are being honest here ;), over the knee boots and some fun accessories. This look made for a fun and casual look that I enjoyed wearing!


Okay, this was such a fun and totally out of my comfort zone look! I have seen this trend all over the place lately and really wanted to try it out, so I did! And man was it so much fun to wear! As I have it captioned in the picture, this look is very Topshop inspired and a tad bit edgy. So what I did to create this look was pair my favorite black turtle neck with my favorite summer sun dress. Then I added some black tights and my trusty black booties. For this look I wish I would have had an edgier pair of booties with some fun hardware or studs, but ya know, I had to work with what I had.


This was a fun all black look with a little bit of pop! I had this skirt hanging in my closet, that I kind of forgot about honestly, and was inspired to create a look around it. Since it’s more of a winter plaid, I wanted it to still be warm and cozy while being cute at the same time. So what I did was pair it with a black blazer, tights, and some flats, with a tad bit of sparkle with the statement necklace. I also straightened my hair, which I almost never do, ha! It kind of felt weird and I am not sure if I like it or not 😝


Again, a skirt and OTK boot combo, can you tell what I have been loving lately? For this look I wanted it to be clean and simple. I really wanted to showcase this J. Crew skirt and how pretty and well crafted it is, so I paired it with other solids. I took the same turtleneck as above, but this time in a gray with the same tights and boots to make this timeless and classy look. It was so fun and easy to wear!


My friend Liz and I checked out the cutest little store the other day and had so much fun doing a photoshoot! Here I am wearing one of my coziest sweaters, that I adore! I actually got it at Gap Kids haha! I love finding things in the kids section because they almost always fit me better and they are cheaper too, score! I also love wearing anything in a darker green because it really highlights my hair, skin, and eyes! I completed this look with a dark wash pair of skinny jeans, OTK boots and some fun tassel earrings.

And there we have it friends! A few of my favorite looks from the month of December to end off this year on a fashionable note. I am so over the moon excited for the new year and all the amazing things it will bring. I think it’s going to be the best year yet, I can just feel it! Also, Monday is my ONE YEAR blogging anniversary! Whoop whoop!! Each and every day I am so so so thankful for all of you, and everything that I get to do!  So, be sure to check back on Monday to read my one year post 🙂

Until then,

Have a great day!



Outfits from November

Happy Friday friends!🌸

Today I am rounding up a few of my favorite looks from the month of November, yay! Some of these outfits made the blog earlier, and others are brand new! So get ready to scroll through and get some new outfit ideas. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


Okay, seriously, how fun is this top?! The pearl detail is so cute and it’s what really makes me love this top! It just takes it up a notch, don’t you think?! And on top of that, it is made out of such a comfy and stretchy material, grate for long days and pairing it with anything and everything! Here I just paired it with a pair of denim and my loafers, a basic formula to always have a great look 😉


Okay, in all honesty, this might be my favorite sweater/sweatshirt ever! It is SO fun and different! It has a cropped hem and fun bishop sleeves- talk about a stand-out piece! The texture of it is soo soft and comfy! I could wear it all day long, everyday! This top has been so fun to pair with a ton of different looks. My favorite ways so far have been with my trusty denim skirt and high waisted jeans, as shown here. For this look I chose my Just Black denim, again, and my favorite over the knee boots. I love this look becasue it’s a tad edgy but still very feminine!


We’ve already seen this sweater several times before but I just can’t seem to get enough of it! It is SO soft and easy to wear! I love pairing it with my denim skirt and OTK boots, but also pairing it with light washed denim and loafers for an easy and casual look. I have also been trying something new with my hair by doing a half up, half down look and I kind of like it! Even as I am typing this I almost have the same look on head to toe as show here, haha oops! I’m a creature of habit, what can I say!


Ahhh my trusty denim skirt that I obviously loooove! I seriously need to get another one because this one has seen so much wear! 😆Haha! I paired this beautiful sweater from Primp with my denim skirt and fav OTK boots! This is such a fun and simple look but looks so cool and put together. Also can we talk about this burgundy color?! I love it and this is the first article of clothing I have in it, and I feel like I might need more 😉


In this picture it is kind of hard to tell but I had on a really cool blazer, along with my Just Black denim and black booties. For me it gave kind of a fun and edgier vibe, and not going to lie, I kind of felt like a “cool” person, ha! For me, it is sooo fun to dress outside my comfort zone and experiment with different styles, cuts, and colors. It keeps me on my toes and helps me relate better to others when I am style them. Just always trying to stay on top of my game, you know?! 😉

And there ya have it!  A few of my favorite looks from the month of November in one post. I hope you enjoyed it and got a few outfit ideas! Have a grate weekend and be sure to come back on Monday for a NEW post!

As always,

Have a great day!!

– K

Outfits From October

Oh October, you were a great month and will be missed! For me it was filled with fun events, school, work, and much needed friend time- and nothing can beat that!

With the first snow fall already upon us, (crazy right?!) I like to keep my outfits light and airy, while still warm and cozy. Think soft and chunky sweaters and a great pair of boots- it’s basically my uniform for fall 😉 I also enjoy softer colors to bring a breath of fresh air into our cold and dreary days. I mean, how can you look at the color pink and not be instantly happy?!

Any who, I am so excited for the holiday season to be upon us! I love the energy it brings and how happy everything is! it;s such a beautiful thing and I look forward to it each and every year. So cheers to the holiday season and a great start to November!


I am in love with this top! I got it from ThredUp, it’s an online thrift store that has name brand clothing. This was my first time trying it out and I was so impressed! I got a few other items and I loved them all! The skirt is nothing new, it’s probably my most worn item in my closet to be honest 🙈 And these boots! Oh my, I love them! They are from Target and for only $40!!! Like what?! 


This sweater is another item I got from ThreadUp and I am obsessed! I love a good chunky sweater to stay warm on these cold and windy MN days. The jeans I am wearing are a new arrival at Primp and they are amazing!! The wash is the perfect color and they are so stretchy and comfy!! The booties I have had forever, and again, they are from Target! 


This is a fun and comfy look I modeled for Primp the other day. The sweater is so soft and light weight! It’s the perfect item that can be dressed up or down. The hats we have are selling out quick! And I can see why- they are just so cute!! The jeans and booties are the same as I am wearing above.


As we can see, I love anything that has I high neck, turtle neck, or cowl neck- ha! This is a great sweater from Primp that I could wear everyday! It is SO soft and comfy! I love how roomy and airy it is! It’s the perfect thing to wear when you have “nothing to wear”. Again, the skirt and boots are the same as above.

And there we have it! A few of my favorite outfits from the month of October! I am so excited for the new month and all that is to come! I hope you have a great start to your holiday season and make the most of it! If you haven’t already, you can check out my other latest blog post here, here, and here.

Have a great day!


Outfits From September

Two words, FALL FASHION! Oh my, oh my, my heart be still. I am in love with all the fall fashion! Even though I am miles and miles away, this girl is still getting all her fall fashion runway fix. I am keeping up to-date with all that is going on and I am loving all the new trends! Do yourself a favor right now and go check out the new Tory Burch collection, swoon, you’ll love it! Some major things to keep an eye out for this fall are: earthy tone florals, reconstructed button-downs, velvet and suade everything(!), and oversized bows and prints! Yes, yes, all of this is SO good!

Now on to the real reason for this post, my outfits from September. Man! This month flew by!! I think I blinked and it was over, ha! 😉 For me this month was filled with fun outfits. At the beginning of the month I wasn’t quite sure what to wear yet because it was still in the 70s, but I still wanted to dress fun- becasue it’s fall now, obviously 😉

Now onto October and I couldn’t be more excited! I am so ready for chilly nights and a cup of warm tea in my hand at all times! Another reason I love this cool weather is becasue I can bring out all my cute sweaters and show them off- ahh a fall fashion lovers dream ❤ Also, if you haven’t been to Target resonantly to need to go ASAP! They have the best selection of boots and booties right now, run! Ha!


This fun top in from Old Navy and I am loving it!! I love how fun and flirty it is. The ruffles make a statement but aren’t too overpowering so it’s a win-win, right? I paired it with my new favorite pair of jeans from Gap that I am obsessed with! And of course, a pair of loafers 😉


This top is the same shirt as above but just in stripes! Hey, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, right?! I did, however make this look different. I paired it with my go-to pair of white jeans and sparkly loafers. I also tried something new and belted my look for a change. Usually I forgo a belt becasue I don’t like how they look on me, but I thought it would be fun for a change. 


You can’t really see it but this shirt has the cutest little pom-poms on the hem! I thought it was so fun and cute! I paired it with the same jeans in the first pic and a fun pair of nude heels. 


It’s sweater weather- yay!! I got this sweater off of ThreadUp and I am obsessed! This site is an online thrift store that sells name brand clothing for a fraction of a price! You need to check it out! On top of that, I am loving this turtle neck for the cooler weather, and this color is my fav! 


I got this top the other day from Targets new clothing line A New Day. They have the most amazing items all for a great price! They have everything from business professional to casual clothing. Again, Target for the win 😉


OMG, this sweater is everything! How fun are these bishop sleeves?! I am in love with anything that has a fun and loud sleeve. I love the statement they make and how fun they are to wear. If you haven’t tried out this trend before you need to! 

And there ya have it! All of my favorite looks from the month of September. Be on the look out for even more fall fashion in the coming months from me and I am so excited! I hope you all have a great month of October and you get to enjoy this fun fall weather. Carve a pumpkin and do something fun!

Enjoy your day!


Outfits from August

Happy September first everyone! Man or man, I know I say this every month, but, the months are just flying by! I cannot believe that it is already this late in the year! But on the bright side of things, I am so looking forward to the change of the season, and even better yet, fall fashion! Ekk I’m so excited! The past few weeks at Primp we have started getting fall shipments in, and let me tell you, they are good! Think chunky knit sweaters, cool jackets, fun cardigans and sweater dresses- uh heaven, right?!

August was such a weird month, weather wise. It was fairly mild and rainy almost all month long. I even had to pull out my jeans and button ups for a few days! I was so not ready for that! Usually the month of August is hot and humid here in Minnesota, but I guess that’s just how mother natures plays. 😉 So, here ya have it, an overview of some of my outfits for this past month- Enjoy!


A cold and rainy start to the month called for my favorite button up and a warm cup of tea. I styled this button up with a knot at the bottom and paired it with white jeans and loafers. This made for a casual and easy look.


The white jeans strike again, but this time paired with my favorite blush tank and silver loafers. I was having a weird hair day, so a cute headband was my saving grace. 🙂 This look was fun and simple!


This is the most amazing skirt I have ever had! The texture, fit and style are all so amazing! It looks so great and flattering on, and even better in person. I paired it with a flutter sleeve top and my go-to strappy sandals.  This look was so fun and unique!


This is the same top as above, but in a different color! Yes I loved it that much, ha! This time I paired it with a pair of darker wash jeans and glittery loafers, becasue why not. This look made for an urban and edgy vibe. I loved how easy and simple it was to throw together and wear!


And the white jeans strike yet again! This time I paired them with a lavender top and tan loafers. I loved these simple spring colors together for a fun and simple look.


This off the shoulder top will forever always be my favorite. I love how fun and whimsical it is! I paired this fun top with my trusty denim skirt and lace up flats. I love all the different elements and details in this fun and summery look!


Two words, this jacket! I am in love with this cool and easy to wear jacket. It is light weight and ultra soft! I layered it over a high-neck striped tank and a pair of white shorts. I loved this summery and classic look!

And there ya have it friends! All of my favorite looks from the month of August! I am so excited to see what the month of September brings! And even more excited for all the fall fashion that is to come! I hope you enjoy the last few days of warmer weather and happy almost fall y’all! 😉

Have a great day!


Personal Shopper!

Happy FriYay everyone!! As many of you may, or may not know, I am obsessed with all things fashion. I love everything about it- the trends, the industry, the culture, and the whole works! I have been fantasized by it for as long as I can remember. In elementary school I would get so excited to pick out my outfits for the first week of school because, hello, back to school shopping! In high school I was even named best dressed, ha! 🙂 Needless to say, I’ve always taken pride in how I present myself through my own personal style.

I love waking up each and every morning and putting together a fun new outfit! I love finding inspiration from things around me weather it be flowers, a picture, or Pintrest. I always try to challenge myself to see how many different outfits I can put together before I start to repeat, and let me tell ya, it can be hard sometimes! But I always love a good challenge! 😉1

With all that said, let me be your personal shopper! I want to help you create the ultimate wardrobe that is tailored directly towards you! Weather you are looking for one specific item, a few key pieces, or wanting a total overhaul of your current wardrobe, I am your gal! I will go shopping for you, or with you, based on your preference. Contact me for more details and view the image below 🙂

Kind of sounds like the dream job, right?!

I am so excited and hope you all have a great day!


Outfits From July

Man oh man, how is July already over?! This Summer has just flown by!! (It goes even faster with Summer classes and working two jobs, but hey, what can I do? ;)) I hope you have been enjoying your days and appreciating the warmer weather! I know I am loving it and wishing it could stay like this year round! Maybe I’ll have to move down south one day to fulfill that dream, ha!

For today’s post I have rounded up a few of my favorite looks from this past month. Getting to work at a boutique is such a fun way to breakout all of my cute clothes that don’t get to see the daylight enough. Below I captured a few of my favorite looks, enjoy!



When in doubt, wear a denim skirt. I love how easy and versatile they are to wear. You can dress them up or down in so many ways. Pair them with your favorite top and a cute pair of shoes, and you’re good to go! If you don’t have one in your closet I suggest getting one! I get so much wear out of mine and adore it. 


As if we haven’t seen enough of off shoulder tops this season 😉 This is a trend that I am loving whole heartedly. I hope this never ever goes out of style, but if it does, I’ll still wear them-ha! They are so fun to wear, and I find them flattering too. Like the denim skirt, you can dress them up or down. I have it shown tucked into my favorite J. Crew cargo shorts, but you could also pair it with jeans and a fun pair of heels.


My color obsession at the moment is blush! Any and all things blush, and I can’t seem to get enough of it! I scored these cute shorts for $10, whoop whoop!! Between the price and color I snatched them up real quick, I mean how could I not?! I paired them with one of my favorite pairs of loafers and an easy white tank. This look was so fun, and comfortable.


This romper has my heart, it’s everything you could want and more! It has the prettiest bell sleeves, empire waist, and flattering neckline. The pattern on it is so fun and different, it for sure brings a bit of variety into my closet. This look could also be worn off the shoulder, but I liked the look of this neckline becasue it’s so different.



Two words, Lilly Pulitzer. *insert heart eye emoji here* I got this skirt a while back and finally had the time to get it altered, (short girl probs) and I couldn’t love it more! The detail and structure of it is amazing! I see myself having this for years to come and having countless wears. I have the same white tank as shown in two pictures up but just styled in a different way.

Well friends, there ya have it, a few of my favorite looks from the month of July! I hope you enjoy the new month of August and make the most of it. School is about to start up again for me and I am excited for a new year!

Do you have any go-to looks during the Summer? Do you have any must-have pieces in your closet? Do you find it easy to diversify your clothes and dress them up or down?

As always,

Have a great day!


Outfits from June

Yayy for my first fashion post! If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook then you might already know that I am a stylist at Primp! I am so, so, so grateful for my job! I love it with all my heart and I love all my co-workers even more! I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without it now!

Fashion is one thing I am so passionate about. I think it is so great how people can show the world who they are through what they wear. People can express their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and style all with what they wear- how cool is that?! To me, it’s such a great thing when you can combine one of your passions with you job. Everyday I get so excited to go to work and am so happy while I am there. I love getting to help people pick out outfits to show the world who they are. And one thing I loooove almost more is that I can express myself in my outfits while I am there!

To document my outfits, and advertise Primp on my social media profiles, I almost always take a picture of my outfit and then post it on social media. I think it is such a great way to express myself even more and draw people into the store.

To recap the month of June in a few of my favorite outfits I wanted to share them with all of you here! By the way, holy cow! How is June already almost over?!

Have fun scrolling through and hopefully you will get inspired to express yourself through your outfits, too! Also, come into Primp to say hi or book a styling appointment where you can get 10% off- how great! 🙂

Have a great day!



LOVING this top, it is defiantly a staple for my Summer wardrobe! It just makes me so happy 🙂


This tank is so great because it is so simple yet sophisticated! It can be dressed up or down- I’ve worn is SO many ways!


Love the print and colors in this dress!


This is such a great dress becasue it can be worn for so many different occasions!


I have been obsessed with the color blush lately! I love how it is so feminine and sweet 🙂 This is by far my most favorite outfit from the past few weeks! I love the color combo because it is so fresh and clean!


This dress makes me feel like I should be in Santorini, Greece- ha!


This tulle skirt gives off a ballerina vibe but the shoes and the top give it an edgier vibe! So fun!